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How To Cope With Anxiety - The Natural Way To Stop Anxiety

Updated on October 25, 2012

This follows my article on breathing exercises for anxiety.

Never before in the history of mankind, has the problem of anxiety been so prevalent. In our modern society, anxiety, and the pressures of life are showing no signs whatsoever of abating. But there is a way to cope.

Before I explain how to cope with anxiety, in a way that is almost guaranteed to stop your anxiety in it’s tracks, without having to go to the doctor, or take any pills. I want to explain the reasons why you must address your anxiety troubles right now.

Feeling anxious is a natural human response to have when you are faced with problems, and have important decisions to make. In fact there are occasions when feeling a little stressed, or nervous in certain situations can actually be a good thing!

For example if you are going to do some kind of performance, like giving a speech at a wedding, then being too relaxed, and laid back would be counterproductive. Feeling a little anxious will keep you on your toes, and help you to stay focused.

But what if you are plagued by anxiety, to the point where you feel you just can’t cope anymore? Well that’s a different matter altogether.

If you don’t take steps to begin coping now, then things will only get worse for you, both mentally, and physically.

Stress and anxiety have been medically proven to be directly responsible for illnesses like, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure which leads to heart disease, chronic depression, and even complete mental insanity.

I’m not going to make an exhaustive list here of medical illnesses, but the fact is that if you are struggling to cope with anxiety, it will be putting a strain on your immune system, and sooner or later your anxiety will manifest itself in some form of physical, or mental illness.

You may be finding already, that because of anxiety you are more susceptible to colds, and seem to catch any bugs that are going around. The strain anxiety can have on your body is very real.

More and more people these days are going to their doctor for help with coping with their anxiety. And yes perhaps taking medication helps them to cope better. But not everyone likes the idea of having to be dependant on taking medication for the rest of their lives.

So is there a natural way to cope with anxiety?

Well the short answer to that is yes, there are many natural ways to cope with anxiety. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to get into anything complicated, like yoga, or transcendental meditation.

What I am going to do is address your anxiety at it’s source. That is change the way you are thinking. So that you feel better after reading this, and realise that you really will be able to cope, and deal with things.

Imagine if you could walk into a hypnotist, and ask him to hypnotise you, so that as soon as you left his office you would be completely free from anxiety, and fully able to cope with any situation you came across. In fact not only would you be coping well with life, you would be forever walking on air.

Of course seeing such a drastic, and long lasting effect would be unlikely, and allowing yourself to become hypnotised has been known to lead to other problems. It would mean closing your mind, and your ability to think for yourself, and allowing someone else to have control over you.

So as I promised in the title of this hub I would give you a natural way to stop anxiety, visiting a hypnotist is not natural for some people.

I also don’t make any claims that, with this single article, I am going to completely transform the way you are thinking, and that suddenly you will be able to cope with your anxiety. It will take more than one article to do that.

I want you see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I want to give you hope, because once you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you will be able to take steps toward that light. Of course you will not be able to step straight away into the light, it depends how long the tunnel is.

So how long is your tunnel? Well it depends how much your brain has convinced itself that you are not able to cope with anxiety.

When you begin to take steps toward that light you will see immediate results. You won’t be able to cope immediately, but step, by step you will feel yourself coping better and better. Just like I am sure you are aware, there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

So with my method of coping with anxiety, I am telling you that there is no super quick way to cope with anxiety. That doesn’t mean you can’t make fast progress, it means that it requires some effort. Any self help book that claims otherwise is telling you lies.

Now the reason I talked about hypnotism is important to help you to cope with anxiety, because I am going to reveal to you a powerful technique that hypnotists use to control the mind of another person. It’s a highly powerful technique, and what’s important is that it works!

Don’t worry, you are not going to be putting yourself to sleep, or closing your mind in anyway shape, or form. You are going to remain in full control.

The technique is called ‘Autosuggestion’. Instead of a hypnotist controlling your mind, and suggesting what you should think, you can do it yourself.

No hypnotist on earth will be able to cure your anxiety overnight, but if you were to embark on a long, and expensive course of hypnotherapy, to help you cope with anxiety, that is essentially the method he would be using. autosuggestion.

So how can you use autosuggestion to cope with anxiety? Well if it sounds complicated, it’s actually not. Autosuggestion in it’s simplest form, is telling yourself something over, and over again so that eventually you actually believe what you are telling yourself.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever known someone that tells lies? Have you ever known someone that tells so much lies, that they actually believe their own lies? They might even pass a lie detector test with the lies they are telling. Do you know why this is?

It’s because they have told the lies so often, that they have actually convinced themselves it’s true. That is the power of autosuggestion! Think about it…. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you sure as heck won’t be able to do it. On the other hand, if you tell yourself you can do something, and you believe in yourself, and have faith in yourself, you WILL be able to do it.

So let’s get started on that journey to the end of the tunnel. Let’s take a small step forward in changing the way you have been thinking, and admit that you’ve been telling yourself you’re not coping with anxiety. Now you know the reason why you are not coping with anxiety. It’s because you’ve been telling yourself you can’t do it.
Did you know that as humans, we are only conscious of 5% of our thoughts? We are pretty much only able to focus on one thing at a time. But the fact of the matter is, our brains are soaking up copious amounts of information that we are not aware of.

The things we see, the things we hear, the feelings we have. We can’t notice, or even remember everything. That means that 95% of our thoughts are unconscious.

So right from the day you were born you have been unaware of 95% of your thoughts. It’s this part of your brain, the part that you’re unaware of, that make up your emotions.

So this is the reason you have not been able to cope with your anxiety. Your emotions are a manifestation of all the information that has gone into your subconscious mind. And here’s the thing… No human has the ability to reject information that enters their subconscious. I’ll give you an example.

If your subconscious receives information that manifests itself in you blushing when you feel embarrassed, there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from blushing. And so it’s the same with not coping with anxiety.

The only way to control the information that goes into your subconscious, and to change how it manifests in the way you feel, is directly through your conscious mind. You have to convince yourself, and your emotions that you are not anxious, and you can cope with anything life throws at you.

When you’re not able to cope with anxiety you feel weak, and helpless. Whereas taking this small step forward, and being reassured that you have the natural ability to change the way you think and cope with anxiety, through autosuggestion, is empowering.


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