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How To Cope if the Recession is Making You Depressed

Updated on June 1, 2010

With financial struggles and unemployment on the increase, it is hardly surprising that mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are much more widespread during an economic recession. This is especially true of men who are worried that their role as the family breadwinner may be under threat due to redundancy concerns, and fear that they may not be able to support their family or pay the bills if they lose their job. If the effects of the recession are contributing to your depression, here are some ways to cope. 

See your doctor

Many people are reluctant to see a doctor if they experience mental health issues as they see it as a sign of weakness or do not believe that they need a helping hand. Men in particular are often embarrassed to seek help or advice from a professional. However, if you are struggling to cope and your state of mind is taking over your life, your doctor can refer you for professional help (such as counselling or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy treatment) to help you tackle the condition. Despite many sufferers fearing that there is still a stigma attached to admitting that you need help to overcome depression, this is no longer the case and doctors are fielding many more mental health referrals than they did two or three years ago. 

Share your thoughts

It is likely that you have put your personal relationships on the back foot as depression has begun to take hold of you, but it can be beneficial to open up to trusted friends or family members. This is not necessarily an easy move to make, as many sufferers of depression feel ashamed of their "weakness" and do not want other people to know exactly how they feel. However, depression is a debilitating condition that can quickly become overwhelming, and it may be that discussing your thoughts and feelings with someone that you trust can help you to gain a more positive perspective on things. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your feelings with friends or family, your doctor can refer you to a professional counsellor or therapist who will listen to you and try to guide you out of your depression. 

Join a support group

It can be useful to come into contact with other people who are also battling depression through support groups. It can be a relief to discuss your depression with people who are in the same boat and that you know will not judge you. Depression support groups can offer vital encouragement for overcoming the condition, and they also double as a social activity that requires you to have some contact with other people. This can be significant as many people who suffer from depression shy away from socializing and prefer to spend time by themselves. 

Exercise regularly

If depression is sapping your energy levels and affecting your general enthusiasm, exercise may be the last thing that you feel like doing. If you can summon up the motivation to do some exercise, it can become a key element in your battle against depression. Exercising releases endorphins into your bloodstream, and these are known as natural mood enhancing chemicals. Some studies have suggested that they can be a natural equivalent to antidepressants, as well as lowering stress and making muscles less tense.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      10 years ago from London, UK

      Yes, it certainly doesn't cheer you up. Thank your great hub.

    • thevoice profile image


      10 years ago from carthage ill

      good read hub work thanks


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