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How To Create A Simple Home Gym

Updated on November 13, 2011
My exercise equipment.
My exercise equipment.
Another pic of my exercise equipment
Another pic of my exercise equipment

Work Out Anytime At Home

Creating a home gym can be easy, and it really does not have to cost a ton of money. I live in a one bedroom apartment, so I like portable exercise equipment that I can stash away after my workout. I have a nice little home gym which includes: my exercise ball, hand weights, various resistance bands, Golds Gym electronic mini stepper with resistance tubes, Golds home gym wall, wrist and ankle weights and a Gazelle. So I do manage to get a great workout.

I don't have to use all this equipment at once, as I can vary my work outs according to my mood. I like to pretty much do a different routine each night. Yes I work out at night because it relaxes me after a long day, and I can focus better on my workout knowing I am not pressed for time. I can't see myself getting up at the crack of dawn to run out to the gym. Being pressed for time is one of the reasons why many people don't exercise. I can work out in the comfort of my cozy parlor while watching TV, and the lighting of my choice (I hate bright glaring lights), not really mood setting I don't think, rather like an office or hospital setting. I can also take a break when needed, and work at my own pace with no pressure from anything going on around me. I once tried to be a "gym rat" years ago and hated it. I don't need all that superficial human contact, not to mention the pressure of looking like a model.

You would be surprised what a good workout you can get at home, and how much more motivated you will be. And you won't have to jump in the car to run home and shower. I even bring some of my portable exercise equipment to work with me, as I am a cook & overnight aid at a retirement home for seniors. I have to spend the whole weekend at work. I have my own staff bedroom, and I can workout in my room. I just get bored sitting around after a long day of cooking meals for them, and it is my way of chilling out and getting rid of stress.

Okay now you have to choose the equipment that is right for you. Do you just want to focus on one area?, or all over body fitness. You can go online and search for products or go to a sports store, even the local Wal Marts will have some really good exercise equipment, and you can see it up close to see if it is right for you. After you get the gym together ( you may only be able to buy a few items to start with) and you can build on this in time, so try to choose a piece of equipment that can work a few muscles at a time. I would suggest starting with an exercise ball and bands, as there are so many exercises that you can do with just these two pieces of equipment. The first thing you have to know is, you can't just jump into working out. I know this part will be hard, but if you work out too much the first day, you are done for, because you will be sore and then you will have to take days to rest.

Start out slow with stretching exercises for about a week until the muscles loosen up. Stretching will open up the muscles down the line and give you more range of free movement. You may want to take the stairs instead of the elevator to test this one out. Where I work I had two ladies who were in their 80's and the would do leg stretching exercises on the hand rails in the main hallway, they always took the stairs. They were determined to not let old age get in the way, and I commended them for their way of thinking, and I feel the same way.

So always start a workout with a warm up before the actual workout, this way the muscles will be ready for whatever you plan on doing, and you won't injury anything. I recommend starting out with two days a week, then build up from there. Always vary the routine so you are working different muscles or if you are working the same muscles. you are working a different part of that same muscle. You will be surprised how that works out, as you will feel the difference.

We must keep in mind that a good diet is very helpful. A good diet should include proteins, whole grains, fruits & veggies, fish, lean red meats, yogurt ( Greek is best ), vitamins, plenty of water, and milk to keep the bones strong. Try to stay away from fatty foods as they will just slow you down.

Just take a look at Jack Lalanne, he was a pioneer in the fitness field. Jack was also nutritional expert. He was only 15 years old and a sugarholic", until Paul Bragg ( creator of Organic apple cider vinegar ), turned his life around. I remember seeing Jack's exercise show on TV when I was a young girl. "The Jack LaLanne Show” debuted in 1951 , the show went nationwide on daytime television in 1959 ( the year I was born). He looked great in his jumpsuit. He showed his awesome well defined biceps! At that age in time he had to rely on things that could be found in the home, such as, a broomstick, and a chair , until he invented his version of the "rubber cord", which every woman wanted to own! Jack made exercise look like fun, he got you moving.He even managed to get the children involved, when he brought his dog "Happy", on the show, which was a beautiful white German shepherd. When Jack came on "he would say", Come on Boys & girls, go get mommy and tell her that I am on, and it's time to exercise! Wow what motivation that was back then. I was sad when I heard he had died at the age of 96 years old. He really had a wonderful life, and has been an inspiration for me.

So get moving and start a home gym and reap all the benefits from working out at home.


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    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 5 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Thanks. I don't care for gyms.

    • Olde Cashmere profile image

      Olde Cashmere 5 years ago from Michigan, United States

      Really great tips and advice. I've never gotten into the gym thing, been there a few times, just not my scene. Working out at home with the tv is perfect. I'm going to add some of the things you use so I can vary my routine up a bit. Excellent job, voted up and useful (:

    • profile image

      Thomas 5 years ago

      Beautiful article it has helped me lose tons of weight luciebell you are my new inspection