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How To Cure Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis

Updated on October 29, 2015

Most of the women all over the globe complain of a common ailment, known as Bacterial Vaginosis. For women of childbearing age, it is one of the major issues that surround her. The problem is quite embarrassing to many as its major symptom is fishy discharge and foul smell. This recognizable smell is a matter of great discomfort and some women even avoid having intercourse with their partners out of embarrassment. The deep seated psychological effects that such embarrassing problems have can be quite serious. So much so, some women affected by recurrent and smelly BV even refuse to socialize, affecting them furthermore.

The various symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis include:

  • Pungent smelling yellowish discharge
  • Burning sensation in the vagina
  • Itching
  • Pain during sex

Factors that Cause Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Bacteria that contain fusiforms are one of the major factors contributing to BV. Even anaerobe containing bacteria cause the ailment. Polymicronial Culture is mostly seen in many cases because of infections caused by secretion. Thus, it can be concluded that it is not one but many bacteria that are accountable for causing BV.

The bacteria are present inside the vagina only. The perianal area of the vagina observes the presence of bacteria in particular. The environment inside the vagina has various ways to prevent the over growth of bacteria like secretion of chemicals and acids. The vagina also consists of good bacteria called the lactobacillus which is also present in yoghurt. The cells of the vagina contains glycogen which are renewed into acetic acid by this bacteria and as discussed earlier, acetic acid helps in eradicating the bad bacteria which are responsible for causing BV. When this balance is disturbed it results in BV. This is the reason why the natural cure of recurrent BV consists of applying yoghurt in the vagina that consists of lactobacilli.

It is important to note here that during menstruation period, changes happen in the acidic nature of the vagina and hence more than usual bacteria are produced. When you wash your vagina with soap, antiseptic etc, the lactobacilli are killed which prevent overgrowth of bad bacteria. Hence, the bad bacteria growth suddenly increases and woman gets vulnerable to Bacterial Vaginosis.

The Recurrent Nature of Bacterial Vaginosis

The major problem with BV is that over the counter creams and antibiotic pills only provide temporary relief. In most women, Bacterial Vaginosis returns soon enough, and this time in a more aggressive form. The body (and bacteria), over a matter of time and after few regimens of antibiotics, becomes unresponsive to the antibiotics and at that point the only solution that actually works is the home cure or home remedies for BV.

What are you doing wrong?

Our vagina has many bacteria and fungi present which includes both healthy and bad bacteria. This exists in a balance in the vaginal environment. However, some changes in the environment like increase in temperature or humid conditions inside the vagina or increase in ph level may cause imbalance in the growth of bacteria, the result of which is bacterial infection.

There are many other reasons for bad bacteria outgrowing the number of good bacteria in the vagina like poor immune system, taking antibiotics for a long duration of time, medical conditions like diabetes, HIV, cancer, taking therapies like chemotherapy, washing vagina with douches, soaps, chemicals and antiseptics, using perfumes near vagina and wearing too tight underwear.

All the above-mentioned factors make a woman highly vulnerable to bacterial infection in vagina. Also, if a woman has more than one sexual partner, her chances to get BV increases. Other sexual activities like unprotected sex also trigger chances of bacterial vaginosis. Unfortunately, it has seen that certain contraceptive measures as usage of IUD in women also increases the risk of getting BV.

Treatments for Bacterial Vaginosis

Antibiotics are majorly employed to treat BV as it’s a kind of bacterial infection. Metronidazole is supposed to be the best antibiotic used in the treatment of BV. A five days dosage of antibiotic thrice daily will ensure that your problem gets resolved. antibiotics will cure Bacterial Vaginosis, yet at times it reoccurs.

Locally applied creams or ointments are a better solution. In case you want to locally apply an ointment in order to get relief from BV go for flagyl cream.

Natural Cures For Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis

Unsweetened youghurt can be really beneficial in such cases of recurrent BV accompanied with foul smelling discharge. The lactobacilli is very beneficial as it provides ideal environment for the good bacteria to grow. It can be applied locally to the vagina. Eating healthy amounts of unflavored plain probiotic yoghurt is a good thing for your vagina as well as overall health.

Of course, yougurt is a very good source of natural calcium and it is highly advisable for all women, irrespective of whether they are struggling with BV or not, to include yogurt in their diet.

Similarly, tea tree oil can be used in diluted form. It contains acids that help in killing the unhealthy bacteria. There are other methods also, like using suppositories of hydrogen peraoxide that makes the vaginal environment healthy by balancing the ph level.

In order to avoid constant recurrence of BV ensure the following:

  • Avoid cleaning or douching vagina with soaps and antibiotics.
  • Perfumes and deodorants should not be used near vagina.
  • Lose clothes should be worn, especially panties made of cotton.

Remove Vaginal Odor Using Vingear

Salt-vinegar bath can help: Avoid cleaning or douching vagina with soaps and antibiotics. Taking a salt-vinegar bath can be an effective alternative to douchin. Fill a bath tub with lukewarm water, one cup sea salt and one cup white vinegar 1 ½ cups apple cider vinegar.

Applying apple cider vinegar internally: Take cotton ball and dip it in a solution of apple cider vinegar. Squeeze the cotton ball lightly and wrap it in medicated gauze. Insert this gauze inside the vagina while leaving a part of it hanging outside the vagina. Allow the gauze to remain in the vagina for 15-20 minutes. Apple cider vinegar gives a fresh smell by removing the odor causing bacteria. This treatment is highly advised a few minutes before having sex in case your partner finds your vaginal smell too strong.

No matter how embarrassing Bacterial Vaginosis may appear, it too has a cure like any other disease. Just ensure that it gets diagnosed on time and treatment can be started immediately.

The best way to take care of your body - and that includes your vaginal health - is to start by having a good, natural diet. Intake of too many processed foods messes up your system in every possible way. Consume organic and natural foods as far as possible. Stop taking fizzy drinks and eating/drinking stuff spiked with sugars of any kind.

Eating a wholesome diet of whole fibre, fruits and vegetables will help immensely. Fruits like grapefruit, apples, grapes and pineapples have shown result to a lot of people. Vitamin supplements can also benefit many people. In fact, if you have a stressful, busy lifestyle and you are not able to eat enough healthy food all the time, you will do well to take a few necessary supplements. It is advised that you take a natural supplement for women's needs and care on amazon called balance complex for women.

Try probiotic supplement for women for best results. These have multivitamins and necessary Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Some even (like this one here) come with a moneyback guarantee.


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