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How To Deal With Complexities?

Updated on July 16, 2015

Understanding The Most Practical Side Of Life

Puzzled, state of dilemma, blatant confusion, and vague situations are common realities we face each day in our life. In fact there are times and situations we felt so discouraged as though the world is against us.

World's sorrow along with its guilt often destroy the wonderful existence and create an unimpressive outcome in the most colorful life of us. Exactly, things like these had brought so much impact in our life however, it taught us many things especially turning it to lead brighter and a more positive perspective ways.

Our understanding in the complexities in life is broad in its sense knowing that each of us differ in life's situations or experiences. Imagine, if you are living in a house with six family members, that's also the same number of adjustments you must consider in the single aspect of relational rapport. The point is that in order to avoid relational problem, you must learn how to understand the personalities and behaviors of those people involved in you're daily interactions to avoid complexities.

Our brain has multiple functions for it controls every single aspect of our motor impulses and stimulates the entire physical and non physical aspects of our whole being. It processed information in accordance to the level what standard of behavior, lifestyle, and views in the making process of your entire personality.

Thus, our individual upbringing characterizing our every day experiences, may it the experiences at home or in every social places in our various interactions had greatly developed the entire view of our whole being. Ever since from the beginning of life, our personalities are framed based on diverse influences brought from diverse factors of both inside and outside environment. We could plainly say that our views of complexities might also differ which we may thought it really requires a broader understanding in order to get rid from its negative outcome.

Many social-political disorders which had led to several arguments and even those which were motivated by minorities' interests were basically results due to lackness of broad understanding so that conflict shall be avoided. Of course, the relativity of truth between both negative and positive aspects of life indeed and must have been properly arranged to avoid conflict.

The point is that, complexities must have been thoroughly considered by both parties (pros and cons) and that they might be governed by moral standard behavior with set sensible proofs and reasons along with a core of settlement as its aim. Being dogmatic to the precedents in view only of one's interest is a mere show of partiality with improper balance of perspective on the role through which complexities have to be treated.

Do you know why world wars in the past had happened? Do you know why many executions and killings had brought misery to many lives as those were such contributed so much doomed effects? Those happenings were results of improper handling and consideration in view of the moral standard of assessing complexities.

Consider the facts that war has both positive and negative effects. It's negative in its sense how lives costs were affecting family and children however, it has positive effect in terms of bringing social justice, freedom, population reduction, and other positive aspects related to that.

But we don't allow war if we expect to avoid complexities. Needless for such attempt to create both positive or negative effects of conflicts and complexities in life. If we pushed war, what we get are the positive effects of the few and the negative effects of the few individuals. Both were losers if we insist to incline for extreme inclination on the interest of the other party. However, when both parties are sensible to avoid loss then self control, humbling, forbearance and tolerance for both purposes had to be evaluated before war attempts shall be made.

Diplomacy is the right basis in handling life's complexities. When the world's powerful nations have to establish a broader concept avoiding war and conflicts through diplomatic means, it's a substantial proof that our society in general is still standing in the winning perspective.

Broad understanding and discipline are required by both parties in order to avoid extreme ideologies and beliefs. Each party had to get into the middle point of agreement without crossing the border. We should have to maintain the "0" level and not even proceed to "-1 or +1". Maintaining the 0 level means peace while going beyond had led to mishandling complexities. Going beyond to 0 level indicates an anticipation of both positive and negative effects on the action taking.

This is a brighter side and perspective in dealing our every day affairs especially when called for sensitive decision making. There are decisions when being properly evaluated need enough time. If one really sought for handling life's complexities especially those which were sensitive issues and even situations which cost lives, the concerned must not be too hasty to cast his prefered choice.

Getting into broader perspectives in the consideration of many variables or factors underlying any issues in life is indeed necessary when one opt for quality effects. It's as though you're maintaining the "0" level which is not over and below the norms. It's the safest way to handle life complexities. It is not to mean that at all cases that we must be moderate in casting our decisions, however to decipher into the point of life's decision when moderate became beneficial to all. Let's get rid when our judgements and decision are laid only for the benefit of few concerned individuals or only for the sake of the other party but not the general concern.

Maintaining the privileges wherein all concerned individuals took the benefit is the best sound product of handling life's complexities. We need to clearly establish the principle of eradicating selfish interest other than the interest of the majority. This is at all the moral and ethical way of governing diplomacy in the most effective way.

The emergence of conflicts arise when a single party is not open for forums and discussions for the settlement of certain sensitive issues. Clearly, it's our surest way to do a legacy wherein our children's future are secured. Let's all maintain the most diplomatic means in solving whatever problems occured in our society. We kept the lessons from the past history wherein people are fighting due to their selfish interest upon failure to uphold the legacy of maintaining the most peaceful and diplomatic ways of obtaining peace for the interest of all.

We shall all integrate the behavioristic approach and lay aside all extremities which would lead to just incline one single view. There might be more qualitative means in handling sensitive issues in the most peaceful and diplomatic means.

The control is in our hands. We have to simply start considering it's application from the simplest details of our own life's choice. Know for sure that there are those precious things brought by your thoughts which may contribute welfare to the general masses of people who are truly calle the recipients of the blessed effect of our own contributions. It's waht we can bring people happy when all of us cared not only for ourselves but for them too.

Good neighbors were those who also became so concerned about the welfare of other neighbors. It's a mere philosophy for life's eqaulity and peace void of extreme use of our own authority as a person governed by presumed thoughts. At times in our judgements we should be careful to leap so we should not mislook some other opportunities and more wonderful thoughts to effectively produce a lifelong benefits to other people.

Your character is the most unforgettable part in the hearts of the majority since you had brought a legacy with strategies which are truly efficient in handling several complexities in life. These things were successful hints in the areas of possible puzzles and unexpective realities which came along the way in our life's journey. We must therefore imbued with good qualities void of too much consideration from selfish and extreme exercise of powers.

Let's get rid of the thought that we're far better than the others and we were those most powerful induviduals or group of entities who no longer needs an advice or attention from other concerned. Listening to others ideas, being teacheable, and most of all humbly accepting truth are those ways with a treating effects imbued with behavioral respect. It is our widest understanding how each one's pride must not all times be boost when it means to cause distraction to others.

Pride has to be exercise when one's choice has brought dignity without hampering the rights of other people and other social community. Love and care really boosts our pride when yourself, group or involvement became as part of maintaining lifelong peace and prosperity of the individuals who peacefully reside in our community.

Let's lay aside every bad intentions against any when you deserve to handle complexities in life. There were such better thoughts in life when we called to respect and love for each other in the regions around the planet. All organisms must treat each other with respect for humans are not living only for themselves and by themselves alone.

We are just part in the world wherein our goal is to reach out others who truly cares for others.

This is the best way to keep our guns and amunition always kept behind the closet or buried under the ground with its holes covered. Triggers had not been pulled up when diplomatic means prevails. Sequestering territories are not at all its issues when admittedly those were owned by the concerned party.

Diplomacy is the answer to life's complexities.

Questions you need to ponder.

1. How good are you at handling life's complexities?

2. What struggles in life do you find most difficult?

3. What best solution to world's continuous occurrences of conflicts?


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    • Albert Gran profile imageAUTHOR

      Albert Gran 

      3 years ago from Phitsanulok Thailand

      Thanks for the pleasant comment Flipsgeraldine. You're nailing the sound reality.

    • Flipsgeraldine profile image

      Yvette Marshall 

      3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Wow, from complexity in the home to complexity in the world, that is some critical thinking. It is always better when diplomacy works.


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