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How To Deal With Disappointments In Life

Updated on October 1, 2013

Everyone in the world sometime or another has had disappointments in their life. If and when this happens to someone the question is just "how to deal with disappointments in life?"

Many of us have had one disappointment after another, and then for the lucky people they may have had one or two disappointments in their entire life, which is awesome.

Wanting and wishing something would happen good in your life, and thinking this great thing you wished for is on it's way and all of a sudden that bottom falls out and the wish you had has now turned to a disappointment.

Something you wanted so bad and thought you will get it is all down the tubes and you are back to square one wishing and wanting what you didn't get.

For myself, I have had many disappointments in my life, but the difference between me and you was I went to the bottle to ease the pain of the disappointments I faced.

As many of you know drinking alcohol does not fix one thing in life, although when drinking it kind of eased the pain for a short time, but when through drinking that disappointment is still there and worse than ever.

Don't go and try to drink your disappointments away and feel so sorry for yourself that what you wanted so bad didn't come true. With the right attitude things will always get better in life. I know, it has happened to me right after I stopped drinking alcohol.

You and I must get back up, brush ourselves off, and try again until we all succeed. Having disappointments in life is indeed part of life. Everything can not be peaches and cream all of the time. We all will go through hard times and disappointments, but we can not let it get us down so much that we refuse to ever try again.


Everyone Has Different Disappointments In Life

Everyone has different disappointments they have to deal with. Just this week, I applied for a position as Supervisor in the Company I now work for. There were about 12 candidates that applied for this job. As interviews were done, those that didn't qualify were giving rejection notices.

As the weeks went by and I didn't receive my rejection notice, my hopes were getting great and by what other had told me I was right up there for the position as Supervisor.

Each person that applied came to me as they each received their rejection notice, and ask me, :did you get a notice yet?" I replied saying no, not yet.

So, by what I was hearing by others in the Company I had a great chance of landing this position, and some of these people were higher ups in the Company.

Just the other day I was called into the main office. While walking through the store and heading to the main office, my wheels were spinning and I said to myself, "this could be the break I have been waiting for. More hours and much more money."

I walked in the main office and they said, "please close the door." This was it, I was about to get this job as Supervisor, a job that would make our life so much easier financially.

As you know we are here to talk to you about the Supervisor job you had applied for. I said to myself, "this is it, I got it."

Just I thought that in my mind, their words were, "We have decided to give the position to someone that has more qualifications, and more time in the store.

My heart dropped to the floor, and I was filled with disappointment beyond belief that I didn't get this dream job that everyone was telling me, "it's a sure thing for you."

I love where I work, and love every employee that works with me, but I now have to face the facts, I must put my time in as everyone else had to and not listen to what everyone says, because it brought my hopes up and in the end I was let down and disappointed.

So, I was disappointed and hurt that I didn't get the position, but you know what, it has made me more determined to move ahead in the Company more than ever. It made me want any supervisor position that comes up for bid in the future more than ever, and I will land that perfect job in time.

So you see, here I am in my late 50's still trying to improve myself and my life. All of us need to stay strong to ourselves and always believe in ourselves. Think with a positive attitude no matter how hard it is to do.

I feel that this may be a blessing in disguise I didn't get this particular job , because there may be a better position in the Company in the future.

So as hard as it is to take disappointments in your life, you and I will get over it and move forward to something much better for us. Cry and feel sorry for yourself only for a short time about your disappointment, and then move on putting that disappointment behind you for ever.

Never Give Up The Ship


You Are Not Alone

You are not alone regarding having disappointments in your life. Everyone has them one time or another, so be strong, move on, and try again until you succeed.

Never give up on anything in life that you want or dream of. Keep dreaming and working hard to achieve those dreams and goals in life.

© 2013 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      teaches12345- Thank you my dear friend. I hope it help others too. My Bubblews account disappeared. I need help

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      A wonderful article that I hope reaches the hearts that are needing to hear these comforting words.

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 4 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      FBL - Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting as well. I just felt like writing about it to get my mind off of it lol. I feel much better now LOL. see you on FB


    • profile image

      FloridaBeachLover 4 years ago

      I like the imagery of peaches and cream as you relate it to the disappointments we all face throughout our life at some point or another. What a shame you had to go through this. It's not a good feeling when you're all zooped up only to be let down. Good advice. voted++++