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Life's Ups and Downs- Going Beyond

Updated on March 31, 2012

Life's other sides

Life and living are in constant conflict. When in harmony, your conflicted spirit is right around the corner, waiting until you let your guard down, so that it can take over your soul again. To my way of thinking, that’s called being possessed by the devil. There is a great reality about being conflicted, though. The next positive thought or remembrance of abundance is the place where you start your recovery. Everything changes. The only constant, is the fact that we change. How’s that for a real enlightenment?

The real problem, in my world, is that I forget that. And when I do…Whooo boy! Or Girl, or peanut, or whoever I happen to be today!

The snow falls, the sun shines. Temperatures rise and spring is born. Grass grows, it withers. Birds fly, they nest. People begin careers. They retire. That’s what they do. The same people who wanted you to be the coach are the same people who want you fired. Life goes on. You anger. You joy. You upset. You feel fulfilled. THAT was a metaphysical paragraph if I ever wrote one.

What to do when you live the crisis? When you have lost your way? When life has speeded up after it had slowed to a leisurely stroll on the white sands? I have THE answer- for me. Right now. Today. My answer may change tomorrow.

When I am in the middle of ‘crisis’, it’s hard for me to appreciate that things are changing as I experience the problem. When I am conscious of the conflict within my soul, I do have the choice to become mindful again and then get back to the place where the hee bee gee bees will leave me alone. Here are some tips on how I take care of my craziness. While remembering that sanity is only a shooting star.

1. I remember that I am a spirit. This physical manifestation that I call body is changing. I am only in it for a short time. I am not my body.

2. I haven’t arrived yet. I will have days and maybe weeks of conflict. I know that the world has been around for billenia. How important are my hee bee gee bees right now?

3. This, too, shall pass. Sometimes like a kidney stone, but it will pass.

4. It’s a cliché’ by now, but BREATHE! Realize that I am breathing. SLOOOOWWWW down.

5. I experience the anxiety butterflies and I say thank you for them. Then I say “Shut up and leave me alone!”

6. As a Christian person, I know that God wants me to be happy like a father wants the best for his child. When I’m shook up, I know that it’s the devil sneaking in. Other faiths and outlooks may have a different take, but this works for me.

7. I eat correctly. This is the hardest one for me. I feel better when I eat in healthy ways. Can you smell the donut grease? Mmmm, sugar!!

8. Do for others. My daily question is “How can I serve?” My universe? My world? My family?

9. I stay away from the most dangerous word in the English Language: “I”. “Me” is pretty dangerous as well.

10. I get out of my comfortable space. For me that means going to a new library, or out of my house. Anyplace!

11. I give myself away. This may mean tossing prayers or blessings at people I encounter. It may mean silent good thoughts to people who I perceive to be having a hard time.

12. Finally, I am grateful that I have the chance to even think these thoughts.

Here’s the idea:

Prisoner of doom or seeker of beauty?

Fraidy cat or warrior for peace?

Basket under a bushel or lighthouse to the lost?

Example or nonexample?

All the answers are correct. All the answers are mistakes. Today, I think I will beat the hee bee gee bees and ________________

What are your ideas? Let me know. I can learn from you.!/profile.php?id=100003504071358&v=info

How do you cope? What do you think?

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    • Abundant old soul profile image

      Abundant Old Soul 6 years ago from united states

      Glad you liked it. Tell your friends.

    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 6 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Hi Abundant, thanks for this article. Today, I think I will beat the hee bee gee bees and really work hard on my projects. I will also be a good friend to myself and others.