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How To Destress

Updated on June 9, 2011

Ways To Destress

Many of us are so busy in our lives and we cannot find the time to even breathe for a second. It is quite a predicament: if you take the time out to relax and destress then you lose time and you end up getting more stressed trying to complete whatever it is you were stressing to finish in the first place! However, you must break this stress cycle as soon as possible because your health will become to deteriorate and that is much more important than anything else you have to get done right now!

If you are one stressful individual and just do not know how to destress then you have come to the right place. Here you will discover a few ways to destress and get your life and health under control. It starts with taking small moments of time throughout the day for yourself to destress . This time will let you to relax without interfering with your demanding to-do list. These ways to relax should only take ten minutes of your time and will allow you to become more focused throughout the day.

  1. Flirt Some! This may sound crazy but flirting gets those endorphins going and can help you forget about that demanding to-do list. One of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is to start a flirtatious conversation via text message or instant messaging. Maybe even some flirtatious FaceTime conversation if you have an iPhone.
  2. Give yourself a few minutes before going to bed and upon waking up in the morning. In the night you want to get in your bed without thinking about any stress as this will hamper a good night’s sleep. Do something that helps you destress. I like to play a game of Halo Reach on Xbox or do a quick workout. When waking up do not worry about what you have to get done that day, just relax. Allow yourself to enjoy the day and be thankful for what you have. I find that it helps to do some light stretching in the morning, especially in the shoulders and neck area.
  3. Listen to your favorite song. On your way to work or between meetings, listen to one of your favorite songs and you will be sure to be pleasantly relaxed. Studies have shown that people’s favorite songs are most of the times linked to fond memories.
  4. Take a breath! If you are really stressed and need a quick way to destress then close your door and practice some deep breathing. Deep breathing is a way to destress very fast. The easiest way to do this is to take a full breath of air in (your stomach should expand) then hold the breath in for a 2 seconds and then let out the breath of air as slowly as you can but at a constant rate.
  5. Stretch the stress away. I know I mentioned stretching before and I think it is important to mention it again. You should be stretching throughout the day if you want to destress. This is especially important if you sit and or use computers and phones a lot. We tend to build up knots and stress points in our upper back and neck area due to stress. For every hour on the computer or in a seated position you should take at least 5 to 10 minutes of time to stand up and stretch your legs, arms and neck.

Ways To Destress


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    • iamsergell profile image

      Lord Sergell of House Stark 6 years ago from Darwin, Australia

      nice hub. :D. i like the no. 1. i'll be happy to follow you. hope you will also be happy to follow me. :D