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How To Discover and Use The Esoteric Magical Attracting Influence In The Number '20'.

Updated on September 27, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Threapy Esoteric Psychology

Seat Of Bloom
Seat Of Bloom

MODE OF Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Opening The Door To the Magic Esoteric Vault of '20'

Twenty is a sacredly secret number and must be revered as such. Not that all numbers are not as sacred but today we are specifically dealing with the number 20. Think about it. In the beginning was and is still the ineffable 0, which encompasses all.

When the 0 pushed forward in a process of thrusting movement, the 1 appeared. In order for the 1 to be able to see it self in movement, a refection was necessary: enter the digit 2. Somewhere before and after the 0 and in the presence of the 2 the 1 is engulfed.

The 2 reflects the 1 while the 0 projects and encases. Directly in front of the 0 stands the number 2. In between 0 and 2 are infinite possibilities. Too much numeric esoteric deciphering information? Not at all.

You are intrinsically fashioned to respond to the number 20. Although completely oblivious to it, the number 20 has a profound affect on you and everyone else around you. Without the number of 20, you would be unaware of your individual existence.

You move, breathe and have your being in the zero but are reflected, established and maintained in the 2. Combination of 2+0= 20. I want to specifically bring your conscious awareness to the number 20. From this day forth, begin to notice how many times the number shows up in your face.

Cycles naturally run in a series of 20. Bio-rhythms chart numerically by the law of 20. You have 10 fingers and 10 toes (20). (20 respirations a minute for the human body.) A person’s life is undoubtedly marked off in 20 year periods of change.

 Cells are constantly being remade and excreted every 20 minutes. Over a 20 month period of time, your biological preference will be altered as you are shifted in cellular structure.

I could go on and on but suffice it to say that not only esoterically but scientifically 20 is indelibly important in your life. Until you become aware of its vital significance, there’s nothing you can work with to see actual tangible results.

Let us now shift gears up to the process of the instillation of the number 20. IF you are born on the 20th or have a 20 destiny, this is doubly important for you.

Because you are a sacredly endowed human being who inhabits the earth plane, you are commissioned to cheer and inspire others. These so-called others (mates) are no one else but you in mirrored form.

You are placed in a position of what seems like subservience; to care for them without their becoming dependent on you. You will continually do things for people without their ever knowing who did it. If you deveop a conscious thought, need or desire to be recognized for your actions, cease immediately. The act becomes infested with maggots of superficial glory. If you resent the actions, do twice as much.

In order to be free, one must incorporate everything as part of his/her existence. When one walks out of the front door, life speaks in volumes of what is crucially vital to his/her world. Look around the next time, you emerge from your 'sacred space' you call home. What do you see? Have you once ever stopped to acknowledge the presence of the glorious sonnets that abound in nature?

Act spontaneously; whenever you see a need, fill it without praise, appreciation, a thank you, notice or applaud. When dealing with the sacred secret influence of the number 20, we meet the depth of our distinctive madness and self-entanglement. In order to rise above the abyss that snares us, we must liberate the self from constantly seeking love, recognition, admiration and acclaim.

We must constantly plow down the need to be accepted/acknowledged for our accomplishments. Accomplish all that you WILL but for no other reason than to enjoy the process with the opportunity to share with others what you have gained. This solemn sacred secret admonition applies to the number of 20.

The sacred number demands that you release the need to be so ‘special.’ Stop being so preoccupied with how you appear to others. Or in other words, being consumed with what others think about you. What do YOU think about you? You are deeply involved in a karmic stage of your life, enacting the sacred plot ‘20’ of the divine play.

You are to show up for yourself instead of performing for everyone else. You are never to be concerned with who gets it and who doesn’t. Unless you get past the point of wanting people to know how great you are through the achievement of academic, skilled, talented or professional accomplishments, you will forever be doomed to a life lived in silent suffering.

The sacred number 20 grounds you in the simple things of true merit.

You can not expect praise for what you do or ever will do. It can mean nothing to you who ever knows what you do, how much you have done or how you do it.

You are the star of your own human show. YOU DON’T NEED PEOPLE TO BUY TICKETS TO SEE YOU PERFORM. (Not, that they won’t in droves; but your need to have them come is where the iron bed begins to rust.) Don’t get caught in the rut of executing a robotically induced manner of living.

 Do more of what you least expect that would come form you. Then, you might get close to your real self and the source from which you draw your unrelenting strength and physical attractiveness.

You are learning to exemplify the divine expression of the most high in you the (0). You are free enough (2) to do that if you release the ghosts of the past while embracing the now. Don’t look back and compare or say that was a better time. This is the BEST time you can have! Neither peer into to the future for a brighter place.

Today is where you sexually vibrate!. Today is where you show up for every unique performance life offers. Today is where you learn to give without wanting something in return. Today is where you don’t look at your watch to govern time.

Today is where you realize that everything that has ever happened in your life, including all the people in it were called and carefully selected by you to enact your play where you were able to rise above your own faults and flaws of an earth driven personality.

Today is the day when you turn from the horse race of trying to stay put in a position of comfort where the faces are familiar and kind to that place of the unknown which beckons your soul. Follow the movements of the crab and thereto will you find your true abode.

If you would but remind yourself that you agreed to every hardship, heartbreak, disappointment, delay and disaster that would occur while visiting earth, your journey will be more enjoyable and fruitful. You also agreed to every success, accomplishment, happiness, fulfillment and union of bliss. The number 20 so states the victory!

On the 20th of every month give something, do something, either in person, mail, e-mail, delivery, telephone, some type of correspondence, and/or with the invitation of flowers or a memorable gift to someone who you believe least deserves it.

 Do this act of benevolence in secret. Allow the magical extension of 20 begin to assert its massive power of influence. For music, art and drama enthusiasts, it is especially desirable.

A Fishbowl Life
A Fishbowl Life


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