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At Home Treatments For Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

Updated on June 25, 2017

What Fibromyalgia Looks Like

What Pain?

If you go online and research Fibromyalgia Treatments,or at home treatments, you will come back with lots of results.But like any other site, It's based on how it helped THAT person.You never know how well it's going to work for you, or if it will even work.

When it come's to relieving pain when you have Fibromyalgia, you need to keep your body moving. I could be a total prude and just say "Get off your butt and go get some exercise".The sad truth is lately Ive actually been using more supplement's to relieve pain rather than exercising. I dont have time to go for walks, or to even stretch. But you should always try atleast.

But below are the treatments, I, myself have tried, and I have feedback on all of them. The top half are the one's which include supplements. Where as the bottom is pretty much common sense kind of stuff.

  • Noni- Derived from a fruit, Noni has alot of health benefits. It help's reduce inflammation throughout the body.This is a big help with pain. It can be bought in juice form at your local health food store, or in supplement form from your local Walmart. Recommended dose is 250mg-750mg.
  • Potassium- An imbalance of Potassium always makes FMS worse. Often in individuals without FMS or CFS, they suffer from symptoms that actually mimic FMS.No Beuno. Replenishing Potassium levels will help relieve muscle pain and cramping. It also put's fatigue in it's place.
  • Magnesium- Helps relieve tender point sensitivity,skin pain and overall muscle pain.
  • Tryptophan- Helps be increasing Serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin helps your brain and the rest of your body understand the difference between pleasure and pain.In the end the pain is reduced. And you should also be in a better mood, it helps relieve symptoms of Depression.
  • The Guaifenesin Proctool- Ever heard of Mucinex? Well,a couple years ago I got really sick, and had to take it for about a week.When I wasn't sick anymore, I stopped taking it.2 days later I started feeling like crap, and realized how good the Mucinex was helping.So I did some research.

*The Proctool is-You take two 600mg Extended Release Tablets a day for two weeks.You WILL notice a difference by the second week, but I noticed after one.It relieves pain, and has actually been said that it can reverse your FMS,basically, if you started feeling like this six months ago,then you would need to take Mucinex as directed for one year.The FMS reversal is supposed to be X2 of when you started feeling symptoms. And my DR has told me that Mucinex is safe to take everyday.

  • Exercise- Ok, so it's time to hit the gym. Or at least start taking walks. Streching is good,your muscles need oxygen, the more you move the less pain you will be in. Do you ever notice that in the middle of the night you wake up with everything hurting, as if you did a bunch of stuff that day? Your muscles don't get enough movement or oxygen while you are sleeping. So that is why you wake up hurting everywhere.
  • Inversion Table- You can find one of these in physical therapy. I was honestly scared the first time. They strap you in by your feet, then turn you upside down for five minutes.It make the blood go to the brain, and it's supposed to help with brain fog. And pain because it aligns the spine.
  • Physical Therapy- I love physical therapy,its like a free gym membership because there is lot's of exercise equipment there. They use an exercise ball to show you how to relieve your back pain. You lay on your bed, with your legs on the exercise ball, it aligns the spine and actually will take a lot of pain away.

We Know This All To Well

Chronic Fatigue Vs Hypersomnia

Chronic fatigue is pretty self explanatory. It's extreme fatigue that lasts for more than 6 months. It interferes with daily activities and makes it hard to live out your day to day life. It can be managed by caffeine as well as certain supplements and vitamins.

Hypersomnia is a sleep disorder when causes an individual to have excessive sleepiness during the day. This may cause a person to fall asleep sitting up. It can coexsist with Fibromyalgia as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It also can be caused from certain medications that the person is on.

Chronic Fatigue & FibroFog Treatments

Fibrofog seems to be worse then regular brain fog, it feels like your brain is literally in fog.Here are some treatments that I have tried that help alot.

  • Noni- It help's boost energy and improves concentration and memory.
  • DMAE- Improves overall mental clairty.Very good choice if you are trying to banish Fibrofog.Its harder to find at local grocery stores, but easy to find if you go into a vitamin shop.
  • Choline- Works the same as DMAE, but easier to find. Choline actually in my opinion should be a MUST for elderly people. It help's minimize symptoms of Alzheimer's.
  • NADH- Help's boost energy and improve overall mental clarity and cognitive performance. It is derived from Niacin.But work's way better. You dont get the same benefit's from Niacin that you would get from NADH.More is not always better, even though they sell it in 20mg. It's actually best to stick to lower a lower dose when you start off 5mg-10mg.
  • Vinpocetine- Increases blood flow throughout the brain to help increase natural energy as well as concentration and memory.
  • Ginkgo Biloba- Helps fight of fatigue,cognitive impairment and memory loss.It also helps with the blood flow through the brain. *DO NOT TAKE THIS IF YOU ARE ON MEDICATION FOR BLOOD CLOTS* *AND TALK TO YOUR DR BEFORE TAKING THIS IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON ANTI-DEPRESSANTS*
  • Synephrine HCI- It actually helps for a bunch of things.But it makes me think a whole lot clearer,I take three a day. Its other name is Bitter Orange Extract. It helps a lot with fatigue too.
  • Yerba Mate- You can find this in pill form or in tea.The pill actually doesn't really taste bad.It helps fight of fatigue, and helps you lose some weight also.
  • Niacin- Increases blood flow throughout the entire body which helps with fibrofog and fatigue.It's known to make your skin flushed, that is showing you that it is working. Sometimes in the beginning of taking it, you will get hot because of the flush. Extended release has actually been proven to help with ADHD.I have ADD, but Niacin does work the way they say it does.

Multipurpose Supplements

Even though it is awesome to have supplements that help with pain, fatigue and/or concentration issues we still suffer from more symptoms. My FMS always get's worse when my anxiety spikes or if im dealing with stress. I want to point of other supplement's that help with the other symptom's that we all have to deal with.

  • NERVE TONIC- Ive been taking it on and off for 10 years. It is a homeopathic anti anxiety basically. It work's REALLY good. I find it work's best if I take it throughout the day, rather then only when I feel that I NEED it. Cause, truth is, I need it all the time. You can buy it at Walmart. It comes in a tiny bottle with 32 caplets. Its a lifesaver.
  • L DOPA- Increases Dopamine. Which helps you feel happy and more energetic. I also feel more motivated.

Strength Is Having FMS,And Continuing On With Life Just Like Everyone Else

© 2012 Alecia Brown


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    • aleciajeanne profile image

      Alecia Brown 5 years ago from Paso Robles,CA

      Thank you, Ive been researching fms for 2 years,ever since I was diagnosed,my goal is to help other fibro sufferers, and ive even started help them make money online,i love helping people

    • duffsmom profile image

      P. Thorpe Christiansen 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

      Excellent hub with lots of good information.