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How To Eliminate Body Odor

Updated on August 18, 2013

Some Individuals Think More Highly Of Themselves Than They Ought


Is It Just Sensitive Nostrils?

This is not a favored topic in any social circle. In fact, no one really talks about this except in whispers or behind someone's back. I have wanted to bring this topic to the forefront for a while now, not only because I have a sensitive nose; but also because during my sojourn on this earth; I have discovered that many of the things that I thought were the most basic and common knowledge; many people don't know.

Many people, depending on their background and culture, do not practice the essential functions the same way. Some of those functions are considered essential by some cultures, and some are not. Then again, some people were simply never taught, and some people are simply lazy, or they don't think their personal hygiene is important enough to pay attention to.

Then again, there are some people who have a physical condition that causes the odor problem. For some it is the by-product of an illness. For others, it's the fact that they're overweight. But, for all the issues there are several common constants and levels of funk.

Funky Musical Interlude...

Levels Of Funk

Level 1
Bad breath odor
Level 2
Body odor
Level 3
Body Emmissions

Bad Breath

Children are so frank...even in art.
Children are so frank...even in art. | Source

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Level 1 - BBO

So let's start with level 1. Some people have BBO because they don't brush their teeth. Either they're too lazy to do so, they don't think it matters, they forgot, or they just don't know how to do it properly.

For those who tend to forget, this is not an issue you need to forget about. Unless you are stranded on a desert island with no one but a coconut head that you made to talk to, you need to remember to brush your teeth every morning.

Poor dental hygiene can cause bad breath. The other issue with halitosis, is that some people don't know how to brush properly. Some people brush the inside of their teeth, but not the outside; or vice versa, but they don't do both.

However, the biggest problem I find, even with those who actually brush their teeth properly; is that so many people don't brush their tongue. The tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria. There are people within certain cultures that I've spoken to; whose breath smelled like a garbage dumpster. Its really bad, when you're standing 5 to 10 feet away from them and still smell that.

Mouth Odor


Customer Friendly?

From my perspective as a massage therapist, there's nothing worse than to have to work on someone who's breath is like that. I've had this experience a few times on my job.

One client came in first thing in the morning, and it was obvious that he had not brushed his teeth. And when the dragon is kicking and spewing fire like that; it's always going to be from the person who won't stop talking. That person will be the friendliest most talkative person that you never wanted to talk to in your life.

Another client came in on another day with the same thing going on. This guy had the Dragon so horrendously, that even while face down on the table talking; with me all the way down by his legs working his hamstrings, I still smelled his funky breath. As a massage therapists, we can't do anything about that. We have to just suffer through it. However I will say, that it sure makes it hard to focus on giving a really great massage.

Let me also state, that on the client side of don't want a massage therapist with funky breath either. That has also happened to me when I was in school. The therapist was one of those with trash dumpster mouth, and I was face up while she was supposed to be working on my neck, but she wouldn't stop talking to another therapist who was working on my legs at the time. It was horrendous, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Generic Is Not The Choice When It Comes To Odor Control

Sometimes in cases like this, the problem is internal. Once again we go back to what kind of food are you eating? Toxins in = Toxins out; and they will come out in any way they can. Your body is constantly looking for ways to eliminate the onslaught of toxins we face on a daily basis.

However, this problem can be addressed by utilizing a non-generic toothpaste with a really powerful breath freshener in it. Use this product to brush both sides of your teeth and, both the back to the front of your tongue.

The back of the tongue is where most of the bacteria and odors are, so you must make sure you scrub that area specifically with your toothbrush. Additionally, you need to make sure that you change your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, especially if the bristles have splade out to the side.

I realize that many older people use Sensodine toothpaste for more sensitive teeth and gums. In that case you need an additional breath freshener like Listerine mouthwash; as what little breath freshener Sensodine has is not at all effective.

Pits of Poisonous Power...


Level 2 - BO

The 2 areas of concern with body odor are armpits and privates. However, let me say that none of this would be a problem people adhered proper bathing procedures.

Aside from proper lathering on all parts of the body, it is necessary to have a washcloth for proper scrubbing. I'm sorry, but your hands will not do the trick. The washcloth helps to create an exfoliating sensation on the skin, removing dead skin cells. You must start by making sure that you probably lathered up all corners of the washcloth before you begin washing.

Additionally if there's more dimension to your body then you'd prefer, a washcloth will help you reach areas that you cannot normally access with your hands. If you still have trouble reaching certain sections, you need to buy an a loofah sponge on a stick to assist you in reaching those areas.

If you are taking a proper steps to make sure you wash yourself properly, and you are still having an odor problem; just realize that some people have stronger glands in the armpits than others. Parents of teenaged boys know this is true.

However, there are still a few things you can do. First of all, make sure your deodorant is also an antiperspirant. Read the labels. Some products have 20-25% of the active ingredient in it. You want the one with the most strength, and not just a good smell.


The Hospital Secret To Killing Bad Body Odor

Additionally, you can use vinegar to kill the odor prior to bathing. However, there is a little known method of eliminating body odor that is utilized by hospitals; especially when dealing with homeless people. This method is very effective and totally eliminates the strong odor off of the homeless, so it should be effective on anyone else with an odor problem.

You have to mix equal parts of both baking soda and shaving cream. Do not premix. Do not add water. When you are ready to shower, wet your washcloth. Squirt some shaving cream on your washcloth; then sprinkle the baking soda on top and scrub yourself with it. After scrubbing with that mixture (and using more if needed), use your regular soap for a fresh, clean scent. This is a very effective way of eliminating the odor problem.

You should also carry a spare deodorant/antiperspirant on you and use it every 2-4 hours; depending on how strong your odor issue is. It's a good idea to have a small duffel bag in your car or purse if it fits; with the basics of toothpaste and antiperspirant just in case you need it. Being prepared is the best plan of action.

Furthermore, if the area of issue is private, adding baby wipes to your Duffel is a must. This should be used each time you utilize the bathroom facilities. Women are fortunate in that they have products available as personal deodorizers. I don't know of any such products for men. However, another option is to purchase a separate roll on deodorant to be used only for those areas. If after all of this, you are still having a problem with odor; it means that the problem is internal.


Level 3 - BE

That brings us to Level 3, BE - bodily emissions. Bodily emissions can be the result of air pockets in the colon, excessive toxicity of the body from poor dietary choices, or the result of fungus or disease.

It also can result from too much undigested food, which means you need to slow down and chew your food thoroughly. I know this isn't easy, but you should be chewing your food about 45 times before swallowing. It should be in a liquid state when it goes down.

Again, this could be a dietary issue based not only on how you eat, but what you eat as well. You don't want to be that person who is fumigating aisles in a store or supermarket. I was affected by such a person in the accessories aisle in a Ross store. I rounded the corner and saw an old man and woman standing near the end of the aisle talking.

As I neared them, looking at the bags hanging in the aisle, the old lady began jabbering in Creole and walked around the corner calling the old man to come with her. As he took off after her, his exhaust system choked out what seemed like a drum roll of loud trumpeting blasts; much like a car with a bad carburator.

I uttered some sound of disgust as I quickly exited that aisle in favor of another. Yet, my efforts to escape the noxious fumes were to no avail. The evil cloud seemed to disperse over the entire accessories department with a toxin level that could have exterminated a house full of rodents. I had no choice, but to leave the accessories department altogether.

An Internal Problem Needs An Internal Solution

Therefore, if your problem is internal, the first thing to consider is detoxing. Renew Life has several different types of detoxification products that focus on cleansing different areas of the body.
For instance, several years ago, I had a bad metallic taste coming from the back of my mouth. I felt that it was adversely affecting my breath odor, so I purchased Renew Life's metal detox and after finishing it, the bad taste was gone, along with any BBO problem, whether real or imagined.

That is one approach to an internal cleanse. However, if you do a cleanse, but continue to eat that processed garbage that the big corporations are selling as food; you are wasting both your time and money. So the second suggestion would be to change your diet.
If the odor is the result of fungus or sickness, your focus should be your immune system. There are several immune benefiting products on the market.

Among them is 4Life's Transfer Factor, which is available through a network marketing company. Many of these types of beneficial products cannot be found on store shelves due to extremely high costs. Additionally, if the FDC is in big chemical's pocket via the pharmaceutical/medical industry; they would have a vested interest in preventing any product from entering the market that enhanced health naturally.

Aside from those products there is one other product I know of that can help you to manage an odor problem. Its called Liquid Chlorophyll. This product is an internal cleanser that, to my understanding, will completely eliminate all odor problems. A fellow massage therapist told me about it. He told me that if taken regularly, it eliminates all types of body odors on all three of the levels mentioned above. If all else fails to help eliminate your odor issue, this may be your key to freedom from odor.


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    • Etherealenigma profile imageAUTHOR

      Sandra M. Urquhart 

      6 years ago from Florida

      At least she felt comfortable enough at some point to tell you. It is not easy to tell someone you care about, that they have an odor problem.

    • CarNoobz profile image


      6 years ago from USA

      Oh. Okay. This is me. lol

      When I first got married, I started to feel kinda depressed and stuff because my wife would always pull away from me when I tried to hug or kiss her. I thought our love must already be growing cold.

      Then she told me it's cuz I need to shower more LOL


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