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Creative and Helpful Hints On How To Put An End To Bad Habits

Updated on February 2, 2012
Nail Biting
Nail Biting | Source

Let's face it, we all have bad habits, but some people have worse habits then others. Looking to put an end to them? Here are some creative and helpful hints and tips on how to stop your bad habits!

  • Smoking/Drinking/Tobacco Use. These are a tricky habits to kick. First things first, though, you need to want to quit. If you have no will to quit, you won't. If you finally say to yourself "I need to quit because I want to," then you can keep reading. All of these ideas can be applied to the 3 bad habits, I just based them on smoking. You can change the wording around to fit your bad habit.
    1. Remove all cigarettes, lighters, etc. having to do with smoking from your house, purse, car, and anywhere else you are going to look. This removes all temptation.
    2. If someone in your house smokes, ask them to quit with you, or kindly ask them to smoke outside, keep their smoking things hidden, and forbid you to have one no matter what. Everyone needs to be in the same boat.
    3. Keep a notebook on your feelings and cravings throughout the day. This will help you to realize when your cravings hit hardest. Also write down what you did to subside them. This will help you to contain them the next time they come around. It also helps you to monitor your progress and congratulate yourself for a job well done. Make sure you write down if you slip and have a cigarette!
    4. Find a hobby, or something to do when you get a craving.
    5. Stay busy. This will keep your mind off of smoking.
    6. Think of how you are saving your body. You could even post those disgusting pictures of black lungs and cancers around you to remind you that you do not want to be that person.
    7. Reward yourself weekly. For every week without a cigarette, reward yourself with food or a movie or something else you enjoy.
  • Biting Your Nails. This is a common bad habit among many people. There are a few ways to help you.
    1. Tape your fingernails. This prohibits you from biting them because the tape is on them.
    2. Paint your nails. Nail polish does not taste good.
    3. Keep them clipped.
    4. Reward yourself for no nail biting weekly.
  • Eating Late At Night. This bad habit may lead to rapid weight gain. It's more of a matter of will power to quit this one, but here's some tips that may help.
    1. Go to bed earlier. If you're in bed sleeping, you can't eat.
    2. Don't watch tv at night. This passive activity can create thoughts in your head that you are hungry, but it's because you're bored. If you do watch tv, limit how much you watch and find something else to do to keep you busy, not bored.
    3. Don't have food lying around on the counters, especially junk food or "pick" food. This up's your urge to grab "just one."
  • Cursing. Cursing is not polite and makes you sound uneducated. Let's kick this habit to make you a "cleaner" individual.
    1. Start by really thinking about what you're saying before you say it. Replace all the curse words with other words that get to the point of what you mean. Instead of saying the "f" word, say something that relates to the topic, that means that something really stinks.
    2. Pretend you are around children, even when speaking to adults with no children present. This will force you to contain your mouth.
    3. This bad habit is something that just takes time, effort, and some thinking to quit. I know we all need to curse every now and then, but nobody likes a potty mouth!

These are just some common bad habits that people have, and I know there are many more. Be positive when you're trying to quit, and want to do it. Hopefully these tips and ideas will help you to kick your bad habit!

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