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How To Fight Alzheimer's

Updated on November 24, 2016

Alzheimer's Disease is an elephant in the room that people often overlook. Some people are suffering from this dreaded disease. Unfortunately, we don't have a cure for it. But, we can prevent the disease from spreading. According to neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta, there are some breakthroughs that can prevent the disease from getting into our brain.

A research in Tulane University revealed that the pre diabetes drug called Metformin can stop Alzheimer's disease. According to the research, Metformin can stop the spike in sugar level in a diabetic's body. Gupta said that too much sugar can create toxic in the brain. Sugar can even damage brain synapses.

Dr. Richard Isaacson, 86 million Americans have pre diabetes. If your hemoglobin and A1C levels are up, then you have to be treated for diabetes.

Researchers in Iran have concluded that the brain is connected to the gut and therefore we have to eat a healthy diet. Ayesha Sherzai said that we should eat more probiotics. A plant based diet can lower inflammation. Probiotics can even improve the mood of the person. Foods that are rich in probiotics are yogurt, kimchi, Kombuca, leafy greens, onions, and leeks.

In relation to the research mentioned above, Dr. Gupta said that turmeric can also alleviate Alzheimer's. In India, there is a low rate of Alzheimer's Disease. There is even a Turmeric Tea that we can do at home. According to Gupta, we should drink this once a day. Here are the ingredients:

Almond milk, Cinnamon, Ginger, Honey.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta recommended to eat a brain bowl which is filled with Mediterranean diet. It includes chickpeas sweet potatoes, hemp, kale, and herbs.

Dr. Oz has shared an Anti Alzheimer's Regimen that can cut the risk of Alzheimer's in the brain. Here is a step by step guide on how to prevent the disease from happening. The acronym to follow is NEURO.

N- Nutrition. According to Dr. Isaacson, we have to cut our carb intake by 10% Substitute white bread for whole wheat. Use whole grain pasta.

E- Exercise. Exercise is good for the body and brain We are lazy when it comes to exercising. But it has multiple effects in our body and mind. Do high intensity interval training. Perform push-ups and yoga.

U- Unwind. Too much stress can wreak havoc in the brain. We should identify our"stressors" and know how to manage them. To keep our minds focused, we should meditate and do some breathing exercises. Have a checklist of your to do list everyday to avoid confusion. Another important factor is sleep. We should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep with consistent bedtime and wake-up time.Take a sleep test to see if you have sleep apnea. This can cause deprivation of oxygen in the brain.

O- Optimize social activity- Keep the mind active by engaging in social activities such as learning a new skill or a new language. Become a member of a social group. This delays cognitive decline.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta found an innovative approach halfway around the world. He went to Netherlands and there is a small community for people living with dementia. It has 4 acres of land and outsiders are not allowed. Their supermarket doesn't allow it's people to purchase with money. There is no price tag in the items. They create a sense of normalcy among its residents. They create a routine for the residents and stick to it. Every single worker is trained to treat people with dementia. They keep the residents active by engaging activities such as baking.

Who would have thought that Alzheimer's Disease can be preventable? The steps are easy to do and can be done not just by the elderly but also the younger crowd.


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    • profile image


      20 months ago

      Thank you for reading my article. I am sorry to hear about your mom's condition. I hope she will get help.

    • johnmariow profile image

      John Gentile 

      20 months ago from Connecticut

      I enjoyed reading your article. I read that vegetables, fish and poultry are a part of the diet.

      My mom had Alzheimer's. I first noticed it when she drove a new car. She had been driving for years. Yet during the test drive of a new car, she asked where the gas pedal was.

      The symptoms got worse and worse as the years went by. She forgot how to balance her check book. She didn't recognize her nephew. She held my sister's hand so she would not get lost in a grocery store she had shopped in for years. She eventually forgot how to get dressed. She put a cup of water on the stove and turned on the stove burner.

      One morning I phoned her and she said she could not get out of bed. She forgot how to get out of bed. I called the ambulance and the fire department because she lived on the second floor.

      She spent seven years in a nursing home before passing away in 2005.


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