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How To Finally Say Goodbye To Nicotine For Good!

Updated on May 25, 2015

How to quit smoking for good

I smoked my first cigarette at the age of 11 basically just to try it since I grew up around smoking and I was curious. My first cigarette was a Marlboro red and the first thing I remember was how bad I coughed with that being a pretty strong blend especially for my first time ever smoking. From then it didn't stop me it only made me smoke more not on a daily basis but at least once a week I would smoke a cigarette with a friend. He would bring some to school or I would bring some too and we found a good place to hide and just smoke. and this continued on for years until I was 24 now being 26. But at 24 that wasn't the first time I let the nicotine go the real first time I decided to quit was when I was 16. The reason I decided to quit then was pretty much by force and not because it was something I truly wanted to do for myself. I honestly enjoyed smoking, I liked the blowing it out my nose, and making O's with the smoke. Never understood why I could like a thing that I always got caught for though. Between getting suspended from school or punishments at home for smoking, it still never made me put the cigarette down yet. It was only until a sudden heart condition(anxiety) that made me give up the cigarettes. My heart would beat very slow or irregular ever time I smoked and it just wasn't worth my life. So I decided to finish up my pack and start on the first day of the week. Feeling fresh and clean no smokey smelling hands or bad breath it felt great. First thing I did was stop hanging around all my friends that smoked which was hard seeing that about every single one of them smoked. Good thing I knew some other good friends who didn't smoke and that helped me keep my mind off of it. Every place I used to hang around at that we would smoke I skipped and it didn't even look that way. To be honest I have to say it was actually easy I was still young and its either a cigarette or possibly death so which one would you choose. I enjoyed life and knew I had more to offer so that kept me focused. It did get difficult during the physical withdrawal that came about two weeks into me quitting. Other then that it was a piece of cake but I need you to bare with me because that's not where it ends. Remember were going back to high school days when it was cool to smoke.

I was free from the smoking for about a year and I went back. I first started off smoking black & mild cigars because I didn't think they had nicotine in them, silly me. So I was smoking them daily and inhaling them going through about two packs a day. They were cheaper and longer so I thought it was better then smoking cigarettes, at least I thought. It wasn't always easy to come across black & mild as it was a cigarette and I found myself starting to really crave black & mild's and didn't understand why. Until someone told me "yes they have nicotine in them" and I felt so stupid. I was needing it so bad I just decided to say "screw it" and bummed a cigarette from a fellow student and here I was back at it. I can't explain to you the feeling of how bad you feel when you start back up again. Makes you feel as if your the biggest failure you could be. Like you accomplished something many people fail to do but went right back. There I was again buying pack after pack. I mostly smoked menthol's but would smoke anything if it had a deal on it or was cheaper. Here I am again back to constantly having to clear my throat, smelling of smoke, and bad breath. when I went back this time I smoked for 4 more years until I turned 21. This time I had another reason why I quit smoking and not because I truly wanted to. It was because I didn't want to be a smoker and a drinker simple as that. If I had to choose one it would be drinking over smoking because you know that's so much better for my health and decision making isn't it?. So how I quit this time I had a new method which wouldn't work for most people but I was committed to this. Drink everyday and drink so much until you pass out wake up and go to work in the morning and once you get off work drink again. I don't know what kind of plan this was but at the time I really didn't want to do both so decided that was going to be the way I was going to deal with it. I made through my 4 week trial of no smoking less craves to eventually none and it stayed that way for a total of 6 months.

Then once again it was back to it same as before a pack to a pack and half a day. I was always a heavy chain smoker so people could never see me quitting. I was the one that always smoked more than everyone around me. It went on and on for 3 more years and finally I decided to quit drinking and smoking at the same time. All cold turkey I have to remind you. The more I quit the harder it got for me each time. The cravings were stronger and the anger I would get was out of control. So this is how I dealt with it and here are the best steps I can give you if you really want get rid of smoking. This was extremely difficult for me as I remind you I quit 3 times and each time got harder.

1. Throw away all your ashtrays or give them away to someone else that smokes.

2. If you smoked in you're car, clean it out perfectly, vacuum all the ashes up and take the ashtray out if you had one inside. get some car freshers and make it smell like a non smoking car again before you destroyed it with your nasty cigarette smoke. Driving was the hardest for me because I was a nervous driver because of my car accident and smoking made me feel calm. give it time, it will go away because I never think about them when I drive now.

3. Stay away from people who smoke as much as you can if you can help it. During your lunch break you had a smoke with a fellow co worker, you don't anymore, sorry. You walk the other way, stay inside and enjoy your lunch. Congratulation your appetite is back again!

4. Nicotine will play tricks with you're mind! it will say things like this" Just smoke one and then you can try again tomorrow or start at the beginning of the month" Ignore it! find something else to do quickly. Take a walk, play a game, talk to a friend, call somebody or have something to eat.

5. Find another hobby to fill in your free time a lot of people smoke because there just simply bored, I did that all the time when half of the time I didn't even need it.

6. Don't be discouraged, when you quit everybody in the world suddenly smokes it's life's way of testing you. Don't fall into the trap, keep strong and nothing can stop you.

7. If you ever find a cigarette anywhere, whether its under the car seat, under your bed while cleaning DO NOT THINK TWICE EVER! just throw it away, crush it in to tiny pieces if you have to or just flush it down the toilet. have you ever noticed that sometimes cigarettes smell like somebody farted sometimes? the toilet is where it belongs.

8. Try to get a natural sleeping aid if possible I failed to do this and I didn't sleep very much so I would advise you to do so if you can.

9(in my opinion only) Stay away from the patches and gum why substitute a drug for another it's silly.

10. when you go into your local store make sure to tell the clerk you don't smoke anymore because you know he's going to grab your pack for you without you even asking!

Take these steps and I believe you can be a non smoker in no time. You will gain weight from this if you don't want that you'll need to take walks or exercise. There's so many benefits to not smoking. Fresh breath, White teeth, Lungs heal, No more nasty smokers hack, fingers don't smell like the butt of a cigarette, and you over all smell good. Also no, cigarettes do not help with stress nicotine is so powerful it makes you believe that. I don't smoke and when I stress a cigarette never comes to mind ever. There's a simple reason for that because it never helped with stress! saving money never felt so much better why would you want to pay 8 bucks a pack that's insanity! It was cheaper where I lived and I still hated to pay for them. It got so bad for me when I would cough I would throw up almost every time. I love having a smoke free apartment and so should you. I hope these tips help you become smoke free forever. I will never go back again and that's a promise. Also by the way the coughing goes away about two days after you quit it's like magic.


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