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How To Find The Best Pimple Cream For You

Updated on February 15, 2011

The first step in treating any type of acne is washing your face and then applying an acne medication of some form. The most common of which are pimple creams, but there is one very large problem in choosing one. Which? It feels like every other week a new product enters the market adding to the ever growing list of creams that we have to choose from. How can we tell the differences between and pick the one that is best for ourselves?

Know Thy Self

Before selecting a pimple cream to use, find out what type of skin that you have. Many different creams are made for different types of skin. The first broad types of skin are dry, oily, or normal. Dry skin typically has problems retaining moisture. They are prone to having dry cracked skin. Oily skin always feels like it needs to be washed. Next skin can be sensitive or not. Often times, people with sensitive skin will break out with rashes when using many different products such as shaving creams or soaps.

Choosing the Right Cream

Acne medications often come in two varieties. Those that use benzoyl peroxide and those that use salicylic acid. Of the two, benzoyl peroxide is typically stronger and is often recommended for people with severe, inflamed acne. In particular it is good for killing bacteria, removing dead skin, and black heads. Care should be used in pimple creams that have especially strong concentrations of benzoyl peroxide. If used too frequently for your skin type, they can often burn and peel the skin.

In contrast medicines that use salicylic acid are often safer and less prone to burning. However because they are easier on the skin they are typically not as powerful as medicines using benzoyl peroxide. They are also not effective against acne caused by bacteria. Therefore, salicylic acid based pimple creams are best used for people who only suffer from occasional acne.

After deciding what is the best primary ingredient for your cream, try to choose variations that are best for your skin type. People with sensitive skin often find products that also contain aloe vera in reducing the redness caused by medicines. Dry skins will often benefit from moisturizers that help restore the moisture taken out by creams. Creams for people with oily skin will typically skip moisturizers.

Choosing a the right pimple cream can be a bit daunting, but by taking a look at the creams from the needs of your skin and from their most basic components it can be easier. If washing and an over the counter pimple cream are not enough to clear up your acne consider going to a dermatologist for a check up and finding new ways to fight your acne through a better diet, less tress, and better sleep.


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