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How To Find Your Purpose In This Life

Updated on June 24, 2015
Do the work to get where you want to be in life
Do the work to get where you want to be in life

Taking the first step

Most people are dwellers in life. They feel unmotivated and constrained by life. They wish to know their purpose but aren't really willing to sit down and do a little work to find out what their true purpose truly is. You aren't most people if you are reading this article.

Running away from good feelings?

You only live once in this lifetime so why waste it by, not doing what your supposed to do? Having meaningful life is actually all you have in the end. If you keep doing what you don't want to do, you aren't getting nowhere near your purpose.

Being on purpose should feel as a state of being, not something you force but something you live. It's simply who you are. It's in the core of your soul.

Taking the first step to finding your purpose

If you are going to find your purpose you are only going to find it when you truly feel good about yourself and about your environment you are in. It's not much so who you are or where you live that influences how you feel, but the state of mind you are in.

Step 1 is to focus on the positive

Find the beauty in small things and the wonder of people in the world. What you focus you will discover. If you find these things your emotions will shift and you'll start feeling better. Once you are feeling wonderful the doors to what your purpose is will open.


Finding the purpose in life through your feelings

Step 2 notice your purpose

If you are in your purpose you are feeling like you are in a river just flowing with the water. You don't have to force anything. It just comes naturally to you.

A higher purpose always involves love, connecting with yourself and others. Helping others will be a huge piece of your purpose.

Try new things that catches your interest

Step 3 Explore your interest spikes

Once you are in a good state of mind you will notice you are starting to find the world interesting. New things will spike your interest. This is an invitation to try new things.
You don't have to put hours into new interesting that pop up. Just take one lesson or try reading about it and practicing it at home. You already know how it will feel, when you are on purpose as explained in step 2.

How do you feel in general in life?

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Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs | Source

Example of someone on their purpose of life

You know Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers. Well, he was a guy who was on his purpose. He had a passion for making computers user-friendly and not just that he wanted to be the best. He's ideas changed the computer industry forever. He delivered great value to others and served people in that way. His passion was so great he didn't even complete college because he couldn't wait to get on his life's path.

Being on your purpose doesn't mean you should be poor or can't charge people money for your help or services. Remember you can't give what you don't have.

There's enough for everyone in this wonderful world of ours.

Summary on how to find your purpose in life

  • Step 1 is to focus on the positive: Get yourself to feel wonderful in life.
  • Step 2 notice your purpose: Notice when you are feeling in flow-state.
  • Step 3 Explore your interest spikes: Explore things that catch your attention.

That's it! 3 simple steps you can follow every day to find your true higher purpose in life.

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