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How To Free Your Mind From Social Conditioning

Updated on January 6, 2016


We are all brought up in this world and conditioned to act so we strive to gain and gain and gain, and while we do this, we get so advanced in thought that it becomes a habit to over-think. Because we are always trying to get to that next level in our endeavors, we drain all the vitality from ourselves that we could be using to feel good about ourselves "in this moment".

Because I went through so much things throughout my life, I set out to do the best I could to obtain mental freeness. Through all the things I have researched and experienced, I want to break it down in the simplest and most enlightening way possible for YOU to achieve mental freedom.


Greatest Steps To Step On

First I want to get into Huna's way of life. Huna was formed and created by people who were ancient studiers of God that goes way before the coming of Christ. Although some people might see this as a religion, it truly isn't, even in Huna they inform there are no rules to be carried upon and you can either add to it (knowledge) or leave it how it is. If you follow Huna, you don't need to call yourself a "Kahuna" but you can. Huna in Hawaiian means "The Secret" because they had such knowledge of God and life that people weren't aware of.

I want to get into their Principles.

Huna's Principles Of Life

1. The World Is What You Think It Is

2. There are no limits.

3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

4. Now Is The Moment Of Power.

5. To Love Is To Be Happy With (someone or something).

6. All Power Comes From Within.

7. Effectiveness Is The Measure Of Truth.

These are not rules of any sort, these are just their principles and main key points of how life works and if you match and think about this, this truly does go for everyone.

1. The world is what you think it is: This is true because any perception of thought on life that you have is YOUR thoughts on life. If someone thinks the world is a bad place, they're going to see all the bad things in life, if someone sees it as a wonderful amazing world that we live in, their world is gonna be filled with joy and they're going to see the positiveness in the world.

2. There are no limits: This has been proven over and over, the only people who have limits are the ones who set them themselves. When people realize there are no limits in ANYTHING, they go beyond to the extreme and achieve things that people see as genius. For instance, Bruce Lee always believed there are no limits, he went to the extreme and had physical traits and did remarkable things with his body that amazed people. There are so many things that go beyond limits, you can just look in the Guinness World Records Book and see the unlimited souls.

3. Energy flows where attention goes: We all have energy in us, whether you feel it or not. Your thoughts, your emotions, energy created by your own (a feeling you want to feel) anything you think of, you are putting your energy in that, strengthening it. So why not think of positive things!? :) Start thinking of it.

4. Now is the moment of power: Think about this, try getting out of where you are now. Try putting yourself in the future. You can't, this present moment is all there is. So to stop thinking of the future and fully accept the moment is the true power of doing things.

5. To love is to be happy with (someone or something): What does love really mean. In our lives we try to define and put a definitive meaning on everything, but what does love really mean? To be happy. When you are happy with someone or anything, you feel those incredible emotions, that is love.

6: All power comes from within: Everything is within us, we cannot change "the outside" world because we are always inside, our thoughts, everything. So to change your outlook on life from the inside is to change it on the outside and that is the power within.

7: Effectiveness is the measure of truth: This is very hard for people to accept but the truth is inside of you. We are always in a "creating moment" and so anything that you think about and believe that is within your thoughts is truth. Also to put your best effort in displaying truth without trying to match the literal facts of the past with words and simply explaining it in the best way you can is effectiveness.

So now you have the basis of how life works. Knowing this also helps because now we can begin to see what is causing us to be the way we are and change for the better.

Most Effective Things To Do:

From all the learning I have learnt and it is a massive amount, I want to break it down into the most Effective ways to get you out of that habitual pattern of over-thinking, making you feel energized and feeling good about your own with these new learnings.

1. This is the most important: We often spend too much time with our own and end up wasting useful time we can use to get better! Such as streaming the internet for hours, or getting home from work and just watching t.v, going on the computer.. this is just draining ourselves.

So what do you do? Find useful things to do to get out of your mind. Find activities to do even if you have to spend money, your health is more important. Such as, signing up for Yoga, Martial Arts, joining a club, I could even name a numerous amount of free things. Go out in nature for a small or long walk, work out, stretch (even doing 10 push-ups is good, it's an effort), go out with your friends, start planning things, go out more! Then you're balancing your mind with fun activities which is stopping you from constantly going through your mind which is just.. draining.

2. Instead of focusing your mind on thought which is causing you to over-think, pay attention to all the beauty around you. See the sun on the trees lighting them up so nicely in nature, pay attention to the wind going on you, through the grass, the blooms. Not only that, see the beauty in everything, as much things as you can.

3. It will take some time, but stop "Liking" and stop "disliking". If you are looking for something you dislike, you are against it and all that is doing is causing a negative energy upon yourself. For instance, if someone does something you notice you don't like, immediately thoughts/energy goes through you and causes that negative effect. If you are looking to like something, then you are against the things you dislike because you are focusing on the things you like.

Bruce Lee:
The perfect way is only difficult for those who pick and choose. Do not like, do not dislike; all will then be clear. Make a hairbreadth difference and heaven and earth are set apart; if you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between "for" and "against" is the mind's worst disease.

4. Say positive statements in your mind, "In the present tense". For instance, HERE and NOW I am in the present with all these things around me. If you are using words like "should be" this is causing your mind to think of how things "should be" instead of what is.

Albert Einstein: A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.

Don't worry about talking in your mind, everyone does, but use words and statements that revolve around the present tense.

5. Meditate: I have done several meditations and the one I found the most useful was to focus on your breathing. When you focus on your breathing, you are coming in with your body, you are focusing on yourself which is great. Not only this, you are building concentration, attention, and focus. Using this meditative technique will brighten up every area of your life because you will be more aware and focused on everything. To do this, it doesn't require any particular way of sitting or breathing, just breath in, try to with your stomach if you can but pay attention to your breathing. Every time your mind drifts to other thoughts, gently bring your focus back to your breathing. You can do this for a minute, hell do it for 30 seconds. But the longer you do it, the more the effects will benefit you.

6. Change your vocabulary, use positive words. You hear of those people who are so miserable at their job, it's because they talk about everything they hate about it Instead of looking for things they like about it.

For instance: Hey how was work today. It was horrible ("rant") this happened then this happened..

-Hey how was work today! It was great! Time just flew-by and it was a easy going day.

Use positive words in every aspect of your life and things will get better. But don't forget, it's normal to get mad sometimes, you don't need to constantly think about being positive, you would be, a robot.. Just try to make an improvement and use better words when you can.

7. Stop awaiting the end. Stop awaiting the end of some way you want to be or look, or things you want. This is an illusion, it is fake. If you realize right now all you are doing is creating an image of where you want to be and that all it is.. is thought and that you will never get there... You have realized a game that some people don't realize until they finally get there and are like.. Wow.. I'm finally here and I feel the same.. Life is a hoax. Don't be that person, realize this right here. You will be on your way to being one happy individual :)

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Short Bar Graph To Help You

Find activities to do
Do not like Do not dislike
Go out and do things
Look at beauty
Look at what is
Apply what is learnt
Change Vocabulary
Present: Don't look for end

Great Video

A quick video by Alan Watts who was an amazing philosopher and has my full respect. I suggest everyone look into him and read his stuff, it will benefit you like no other!

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    • PoeticPhilosophy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      Thank you very much Jemuel, I'm very glad this helped you. Keep being positive my friend :)

    • jemuelO profile image


      5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      This is a great hub PoeticPhilosophy! I can really relate with you. I am also overthinking about something and I feel like exhausted doing it every time. I always plan and think about the future that's why I overlook to enjoy the present... and yeah, I'm getting tired of it.

      I love reading your hub cause I've learned so many things from it. Well, thank you for sharing your thoughts here in your hub. It really helps to those who want to free their mind. Voted up.

    • PoeticPhilosophy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Canada

      Wow, thank you epigramman, I really appreciate that :).

    • epigramman profile image


      5 years ago

      Well I would swim in your OCEAN anyday, lol, 'cos you got the mojo working here and it definitely must mean the meaning of life by being able to shut out the world for awhile - and it's absolutely fabulous what you have written here. Blessed it be - mind over matter and I will post your wise words to my Facebook page for all to see and read with a share and a link and I am sending to you warm wishes from Colin and his cat crew Tiffy and Gabriel at lake erie time ontario canada 5:39am


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