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How To Get A Bigger Upper Body

Updated on November 21, 2010

The Secrets To A Bigger Upper Body Workout Program

Being a hard-gainer myself I know how frustrating it is to not be able to put on any muscular size. Learning how to get a bigger upper body was all I cared about when I first started lifting weights. How I was able to finally put on some muscular size may surprise you. It was when I learned that building a large upper body, you need a solid foundation to achieve this goal.

You may be surprised but it was not till I added squats to my workout routine that may upper body added size. You may ask how could that be? Well your legs are like the foundation of a building and if you have a small foundation and a large top the building would tumble over. The same thing can be said about your body without a solid foundation or strong legs it is very difficult to get a bigger upper body.

A Workout To Build A Bigger Upper Torso

A good workout routine to build overall mass should be followed when first starting to train. Do not train only the beach muscles like the biceps and chest.

A whole body routine focused around squats, bench press, military press and rows should be the focus of beginning weight training. A routine that is only performed three times a week for forty five minutes to an hour is the best.

For diet eating one gram of protein per pound of body weight will help repair the muscle giving it the ability to get bigger. To calculate you total amount of calories there are many on-line calculators that can help you figure out how many calories are needed to gain weight. Normally, depending on your activity level an extra five hundred calories a day will add an extra pound bodyweight per week or four pounds a month.

Nutritional supplements are also a good idea to add to your program. The use of creatine will add a quick five to ten pounds of muscle on your frame within a month. The good thing is that you can use this supplement year round. Creatine is natural and found in red meat. There is 2 grams of creatine in a pound red meat. For best results using five grams a day is recommended. Just remember to stick to the basics of lifting, nutrition, and supplementation and you will get a bigger upper body and lower as well. Happy Lifting.


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