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How To Get A Six Pack Tummy

Updated on November 24, 2014

What does it take to get a six pack midsection

What does it really take to have a flat, sexy, six pack ab section? Well, it doesn't take what you may think it does. It really isn't all that hard to get a slim and toned core.

You are probably among the millions and millions who love a good solid, sexy, slim tummy. You are also like millions upon millions of people who think that the only way to achieve that six-pack core is to do endless sit-ups or crunches. Which may also be the reason you don't even try to work on that flabby belly.

You might be surprised to learn that ab exercises like crunches, are the least effective way to get a flat, lean midsection. To achieve sexy six pack abs you need to incorporate a combination of nutrition, cardiovascular conditioning AND abdominal training.

As a life and health coach, I hear the question "how do I get those tight, six pack abs" most often. The plain and simple truth is that there is no quick and easy way to get them. It is going to take a bit of dedication, work and sweat to achieve a lean midsection.

A lean midsection takes a combination of good nutrition, cardiovascular and abdominal training. Lets explore some of what you need to do.

Kids don't do sit ups or other ab work outs
Kids don't do sit ups or other ab work outs

From The Mouths or Bodies of Babes

I know, I hear it all the time as well as do fitness trainers. And your fitness guru on TV is always hawking the latest and greatest product, drug or equipment to give you that tight tummy you so desire.

All they really are doing is lightening your wallet. And I am sure that none of us want a thinner and leaner wallet. But that is what we all end up with. Well that plus a bunch of useless equipment now gathering dust or being used as a cloths valet.

Look at children. And look at the ones that are active, fit and healthy. They have slim, trim waste lines and none of them do endless sit ups or use expensive abdominal equipment. Why should you?

You don't need all that equipment. You don't really need the expensive gyms either. What you need to do is exactly what those kids do. They move, play and burn calories daily. That is what you need to do. You need to move your body. Burn the calories and do it daily.

Nutrition is Key

Good nutrition is essential for an over all tight and healthy physique. You don't not have to eat “cardboard” daily in order to improve your diet. Simple changes such as adding more vegetables and cutting back on sweets and other snacks will go very far in helping to melt off the fat that is hiding that trim tummy.  Cutting out refined carbs such as white sugar and cheese puffs will also help the fat around the tummy melt away.

The simple rule for good nutrition is to eat the food as close to its original form as possible. In other words eat a raw apple instead of apple pie.  Put the raw onions and green peppers in a salad instead of a steak bomb sandwich.

Also eating less of certain foods and eating more of others will help. Eat more veggies and less meat and eat a lot less processed foods. By the way, you will be amazed at how much food you can actually eat when you eat natural, pure and whole foods. And those foods will give you more nutrition and fewer calories and even more energy than what you are probably eating now.  Hint: eat less of the fast food stuff and more of the natural stuff and you will drop the fat around your tummy fast.

Cardio or Crunches. Which is Best.

Lots of folks also believe that crunches are the best abs exercise and the most effective way to get defined abs. Well doing endless crunches will give you very strong abs and that is very important. But crunches wont give you that visibly trim and sexy belly you are seeking. In fact ab exercises are the least effective way to show off your abs.

Cardio burns the fat that is hiding your six pack abs. One of the best exercises that burns fat is one that you probably did as a child in gym class. The bicycle maneuver is great for burning calories, it also gives your abs a workout so you kill two birds with one stone.  Another great maneuver is the trunk twist.

You don't need fancy or expensive ab exercise equipment at all. Save your money when it comes to those expensive ab only workout machines. Lay on the floor, stick your legs up in the air like you are riding a bicycle and start “peddling” away. In a short period of time you will feel the burn in your gut, your legs, your butt and you will probably find you are breathing a little deeper meaning that you are raising your metabolism and burning calories.

Another great maneuver is the trunk twist.You simply slightly bend your knees which are spaced wide (bend deeper as you get more fit) hold your arms up as if you were going to fight in a ring.  Then turn your shoulders and trunk to one side then the other while keeping your head locked in place and your eyes focused on one point.  Start slow then work up to a faster pace.  Some people like to do it to the rhythm of dance music.

Other good cardio workouts involve walking, running, playing certain sports, biking and hiking.  These exercises all bun the calories which burns the fat which in turn lets those tight, firm and trim abs shine through.

Challenge the Tummy

As your abs and other muscles get stronger, you will need to increase your workout to challenge them. In fact as you get stronger and trimmer, you will find that you will WANT to challenge your muscles even more. Not to mention you will find that you are more and more willing to wear a tight shirt or if you are a guy, no shirt at all.

Remember to start out slow. Listen to your body. Increase your training as your body allows and before you know it you will have that sexy six pack abdominal section that you often see on movie stars.

A Final Word

Remember, you should mix up your work outs.  Have some fun.  If you play sports, then that is fun and you will want to do that sport more often.  Most sports require that the core be engaged so even playing 30 minutes of basketball every day or swimming laps or even taking the bike for a spin for 30 to 60 minutes a day will do your core wonders.

Yes you can do crunches if you want to bulk up the mid-section or if you want to be "strong like bull" in your core, but to have a tight, slim and noticeable six-pack under that tight t-shirt, they are not needed.  Save your back and your neck and leave the crunches for the gym bunnies.

If you like this article and found it useful, please tell others.  And why not leave a comment below.  If you liked this article, you may find my other articles interesting and helpful as well.


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