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How To Get Bigger Back Muscles | Build Your Back Muscles To The Size Of An Airport Landing Strip With This Routine

Updated on August 19, 2009

How To Get Bigger Back Muscles?

Looking to know how to get bigger back muscles, look no further. I wrote this hub to help hard-gainers learn how to develop a great looking back. Hit the back button now if your scared of hard work. As building a back the size of a landing strip with a nice V-taper is what this article is about.

The back is one of the ore complex areas of the body to train. It is not like the arms where there is two muscle groups. The back is complex has many muscle groups and is very large. To gt bigger back muscles one must isolate these different muscle groups with many different exercises.

Build Bigger Back Muscles

The main muscles in the upper back are the trapezius. Te middle back is comprised of the rhomboids, and the teres major. The lower back is comprised of the latissimus dorsi or lats for short. These are the three areas we want to concentrate on when working out the back muscles.

Exercise for the upper back, or traps are shrugging exercises where you try to raise the shoulders as high to the ears as possible. Most people are the strongest in the trapezius area so shrugs should be performed at the end of the workout. High repetitions should be performed as the upper back muscles are mostly comprised of slow twitch muscle fibers.

For middle, upper, and lower back the king of exercises is the bent over row. Think of this exercise as the bench press but for the back. It is easy for momentum to take over this exercise so be sure to keep your lower back flat and let the muscles do the work, no bouncing the bar. For the lower back try good mornings and concentrate on form. As a miscue on this exercise could land you in the hospital.

Now the real key to bigger back muscles is protein. To add meat to the back you must consume a lot of protein, muscles will only grow when they have an excess amount of protein. Eat one gram of protein per pound of muscle to ensure you are getting enough.

For nutritional supplements give creatine a try as this is natural supplement that is found in red meat. Adding ten pounds of muscle in a month will be super simple on your first go of creatine.


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