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How To Get Bigger Pectoral Muscles | Learn How To Build A Button Popping T-shirt Busting Chest

Updated on August 15, 2009

Learn How To Build A Bigger More Muscular Chest

If you want to learn how to get bigger pectoral muscles you are lucky you found my hub. This is my no holds barred approach to get a barrel shaped chest that everyone will envy. Just be forewarned you will need to buy bigger shirts after reading this article.

When working the chest muscles you must focus on upper, lower and middle chest. To get a complete package. You must focus on three exercise to get a bigger chest. The bench press is used as an overall upper body exercise. Not only does the bench press work the chest it also works the front shoulders and tricep muscles.

Pectral Growth Will Take A Good Chest Workout

Incline bench press should be done as the second chest exercise. This will work the upper chest and give the whole chest a nice overlook. Three sets of five pyramiding up to the heaviest weight is a good routine to start on.

The third chest exercise is one of my favorites. The dip, performed between to parallel bars the body is lowered as low as possible, leaning forward will add more stress to the pectoral muscles. This may be one of the best chest exercise that is not popular in gyms. When you can do ten repetitions with your own body weight it is time to add weight. Use dipping belt to add weight. Three sets on chest day and your chest will begin to explode and this workout will also bring out the striations in your chest.

When trying to get larger muscles diet is said to be fifty percent of the battle. Aim for eating one gram of protein from lean protein sources such as fish and chicken. You can also eat red meat but limit your choses to non fatty cuts like the top cut meats.

Also adding a nutritional supplement will help you build bigger pectoral muscles faster. If you have never used creatine there is no better time to start than now. It will easily put ten pounds of muscle on your frame in under a month, and five pounds in the first week is not uncommon.


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