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How To Get Pregnant: A Beginner's Guide

Updated on January 23, 2011

Fertility Signs

On the surface it would sound easy. How do you get pregnant? Well you find a willing partner, set a time and a time and just have relations. Not quite so fast. While that sounds nice unfortunately for many people it is not quite that simple. You can have all the relations you want but if you do it at the wrong time you will not be pleased with the results. Getting pregnant requires several factors. These include awareness of one’s fertility signs and an understanding of how fertility works in both men and women. Once you understand this process, you can hopefully time it correctly and determine when to get pregnant. You may not want to give your child a due date in Christmas or on the 4th of July.


Get Pregnant Fast

A well timed pregnancy should allow you to be pregnant when you want to be. This is one way to avoid delivering the baby at an inconvenient time.

The first step is understanding how a woman’s reproductive system works. An understanding of this process is an understanding of one of the easiest ways to get pregnant. Most women have a menstrual cycle each month. This cycle begins right after her period ends. During this phase, typically about eight days, the woman will have no ovulation going on in her body. Once this phase is completed she enters the preovulatory phase. During this phase she starts to prepare an egg. During this time is when to get pregnant.

In order to determine this phase you can use a home thermometer or an ovulation prediction kit. Take your temperature each morning if you are a woman. You should see an ovulatory pattern. Your temperature will remain between 97 and 97.4 during this time. After ovulation your temperature will immediately jump a half degree.

You can determine when ovulation is imminent based on two factors: your normal ovulatory pattern and your emission of cervical fluid. You should chart your temperature for at least a month to determine when you are likely to ovulate each month. Most normal women with normal ovulation will see ovulation roughly ten to fourteen days after their cycle starts. This is your best way to get pregnant. You can do so without anything but having relations with a willing partner.

The other way to check when you have cervical fluid is to examine it each day. As ovulation approaches your cervical fluid will get longer, clearer and more stretchy. During this period you should have relations in an effort to conceive. More women have a window of fertility each month. This period is about four to five days. During this time a woman may feel addition signs that she is fertile including cramps, slight bleeding and a sense of irritability.

An ovulation prediction kit is easy to use. You can purchase them in many drug stores. Typically you will dip a single stick in urine each morning when you think you are about to ovulate. As you approach ovulation, the sticks will get darker in color. During this time frame you should have relations. This is your likely most fertile time. You can get pregnant this very month and get pregnant fast.

After you have ovulated, you will see a shift in morning temperatures and a drying up of your cervical fluid. If you are pregnant you morning temperatures will steadily climb higher. Ideally you should wait at least twelve days before taking a pregnancy test. If you are not pregnant your temperatures will fall right before your period shows up.

After you have ovulated, most women cannot conceive until they enter their fertile period again. Ovulation signals that the egg is no longer there and has been reabsorbed into the body again. In rare cases a woman can get pregnant again in the month. She can ovulate twice. Most women will not find this true.

If you pay careful attention to your most fertile times, you should be able to time your desired pregnant to the exact month. You can use this method to get pregnant fast.

First Signs of Being Pregnant


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