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How To Get Rid Of Chronic Hiccups

Updated on April 3, 2010


Having the hiccups can be very annoying, I know that we all can agree to that.  But believe it or not, there are many home remedies that you can try to get rid of the hiccups, and it really works.

1.) You can try drinking water

frequently in very short durations.

2.) Try taking deep breaths, which by the way I have tried and I must say that this method works very well for me.

3.) Try gargling water.

4.) You can even try eating a spoonful of peanut water.

5.) You can also try placing an ice bag on your diaghragm.

6.) You can also try laughing loudly.

7.) You can also try holding your breath.

8.) You can also have someone scare you. 

9.) You can also try breathing slowly into a paperbag to help relax your diaghragm.

10.) You can also try eating a teaspoon of dry sugar.

It is best however to try many different methods to see which one bes works for you.

Good Luck.  I am sure that you will find a method that works for you just as I have for me.


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