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How To Get Rid Of Guilt Feelings When You Eat Wrong Foods

Updated on January 2, 2015

Many of us often feel guilty after eating a few foods. The problem is this feeling may linger longer than necessary. If you also feel guilty after eating cakes, ice creams, pastries, chips, etc., you must learn to shun this feeling. In fact, eating is for enjoying and not for having any such negative feelings.

According to Susan Schulherr, a therapist and an expert who advises on losing weight, guilty feelings should accompany only when there is violation of morals. Since you are not violating any moral code by eating these foods, there is no need to have any such feelings. Another point is rating people as good and bad depending upon what they eat is also wrong.

Susan adds that feeling guilty when you eat high-calorie foods is a habit. So, the best way to shun this feeling is to understand that it is only a habit and not a fact. The feeling may pop up spontaneously. The best way is to interrupt the thoughts and not provide them space in your psyche. When such a thought pops up, you must assertively repeat to yourself that you are not actually bad just because you have these feelings. As Susan says, feelings are never facts. You can substitute true and healthy feelings in the place of guilt feelings.

Feeling guilty after eating those foods you have decided not to eat will escalate your problem. The stress caused due to your guilt feelings may force you to over-eat those foods.

Points You Must Keep In Mind

- Firstly, you should understand that power is with you and not with the foods. You should also stop labelling and judging foods as good and bad foods. So, thinking that you are good when you eat healthy foods and that you are bad when you stray even to a little extent is wrong.

- Those who gain weight commit the mistake of eating wrong foods consistently. When you stray once, you will not gain weight. In fact, weight loss experts also suggest that you must go for what is known as "cheat meal" once in a while so you will find it easy to stick to your food regimen.

- If you are in the habit of consistently eating the so-called "forbidden foods," you need to address the problem. There is no use feeling guilty. Even when you stick to a healthy diet regimen, you have a reason for feeling guilty because all the foods you eat may not be organic. In fact, not everyone can afford to buy organic foods.

In short, you must do what you can. This is not for advocating that you can eat everything. The point is there is no point in feeling guilty. If you adopt a balanced approach, that is enough. If you choose to eat the right foods most of the times and do your workouts regularly, there is no need to feel guilty at all.


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    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 3 years ago

      How To Get Rid Of Guilt Feelings When You Eat Wrong Foods is a very useful article. thank you