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How To Get Rid Of Scabies | Fast And Effectively

Updated on October 6, 2015

How To Get Rid Of Scabies???

Do you wonder How to get rid of scabies? Are you tired of the lack of results and are done waiting to see yourself get rid of scabies. Then please continue reading.

What are Scabies? And Do you even know how you might have been able to get them?

Scabies is a contagious disease which is caused by parasites which are referred to as Scabies Mites. They lay eggs on skin and with time their number can increase drastically which means that treatment should be carried out as soon as possible.

It is very easy for scabies to be transferred from one person to another and can be transmitted from direct skin to skin contact. Thus sharing clothes,towels personal belongings should be avoided. As it makes easy for scabies to be passed on.

Using hot water to clean clothes as well as use of hand sanitizers and use of medicated soaps containing sulfur is a good way to fight the infection.

How to Get Rid Of Scabies With Home Remedies

How to Get rid of Scabies with home remedies?You must be thinking what do these actually work. And those that are actually effective do take time. Well let me tell you they work. And these remedies are helpful as they are safe treatments ,are very much effective and can bring about fast results as well. See what i mean right below.

Scabies Relief Within 24 HOURS Naturally.

To Get Started here are few helpful remedies for scabies.

  • Lavender oil Mix lavender oil with alcohol and apply sufficient amount on the infected area. This will help to kill the mites as well as the eggs. Thus putting an end to the spread of the mites.

  • Neem oil is an ayurvedic medicine which soothes the skin,prevents the inflammation and in short provides you with instant relief and at the same time heals the secondary infection.It Can be used in the form of bath or can be applied directly.

A Glance At Scabies Mites

How to Get Rid Of Scabies - Your Help Call

If you need help with Scabies.In order To Get Rid of Scabies. This is a complete guide dealing with everything related to Scabies. And Helping you Cure it.


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    • Steven Cunningham profile image

      Steven Cunningham 

      4 years ago from Sullivan, Illinois

      Boil tell its paced u will only use a little dab with gloves rub on thin not thick just a dab nomatter how big or bad a area leave it on all problem areas tell u bathe the repeat u don't have to use all the paced it should last the hole 72 hours don't aply to face the epson salt bath will take care of the face now when your clothes are done with second dry put in black bag and leave in bag out of house for 72 hours buy a few new clothes or some how fined new none effected clothes after 72 hours through them treatment clothes away

    • Steven Cunningham profile image

      Steven Cunningham 

      4 years ago from Sullivan, Illinois

      Ok for u adult i killed all mine and kids with a 72 hour treatment first i got a bag of epson salt soke in hot water 2 cups of salt for 30 min make sure its hot for the kids to almost unbearable turns skin a little red now after bath drip dry no towles oh take all curtains stuffed animals any fabric and wash in hot water twice the dry on hot twice or just through what u can live with out the hell away i did the spray rubbing acohol on all furniture basebords and carpet. bleach every thing ells now here's the trick get a pack of cigarettes boil 2 cups of water and. Hhalf a cigarette

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My three sisters and I have this and it's nasty we just keep itching and itching my skin starts bleeding it's gross

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Cool bto

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      my sxabies ae very disgusting

    • profile image

      allison bolton 

      6 years ago

      Doctors are supposed to scrape your skin, my just had the test!! I am waiting for results. So far I am using tea tree oil and lavendar oil baths, my daughter is starting to feel better. My daughter was given a anitibtic also, her rash was infected. I have been washing everything I can in very hot water and high heat dryer!

      clove oil mixed with olive or almond oil ( one cup to ten drops of clove oil) , I am trying this next. put the oil on the rash , its supposed to drive them out of your skin

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      So obviously I'm here because I have some sort of mite , searched for answers only to come up with a bunch of things that can cause the intense itching , crawling , rubbery skin feeling , and stings , found out why it feels like an invisible mite is there , they are slick little devils that look just like a freckel on the skin but salt grain sized , found one today not knowing for certain what I was looking for ..

      These first started out as lint looking things (it was a hiding in it) they would attatch themselves to the skin me and my boyfriend were finding them all over us I pulled one of I found right away and it left a tiny salt grain red spot , after cleaning the appartment with bleach , vaccuming every corner of this place washing everything , covered the bed in thick plastic , it was already to late we were infested , and my guy would be looking for evidence to bring with to the doctor , he swore everything was a bug , although he had broke open one of the bites and placed it under a mircoscope we were finding all kinds of unusual things , some were black, some were white , it was driving us crazy , he's a is retired navy vet with honorable discharges , he went in to the VA clinic in hopes they would run some test ..

      The nurse said it was bedbugs , the doctor said it's a rash , the dermatologist said nice camera (he was trying to show them pictures of what we found)

      The doctor prescribed him anti itch pills and cream for a rash..

      So we spent another sleepless night trying to find some mite or anything more they could use to run test , he went back to the VA the next day to show them he wasn't crazy or making it up (who would) they eventually called the police on him because he demanded them to look at it , the police released him , we spent another 2 weeks trying to figure out how to prove either of us were crazy ..

      Eventually we broke down and went to the emergency room in hopes they would listen ..

      The doctor seen him first , 15 minutes later he's calling me saying they gave him a prescription for scabies , I went in next to see the doctor because I wasn't as badly bitten as he was the doctor thought I was high or something , just lack of sleep ..

      I explained to him what it started as with the lint things how it pergressavly changed into something different what color the eggs looked like which were white , he said you have scabies ..

      What the fuck? I asked him if he could maybe have a skin graph done to make sure it was for sure scabies mites , he exclaimed scabies is the only mite that lives on the human body .. Huh?

      I said doc that's not correct I sat on the internet doing research driving myself insain reading all about mites and parasites , they all cause the same symptoms , he said I'll be back with your prescription ..

      So we got the cream it seemed to work I used it in places it said not to because I felt I had them in my vagina , nose , ears, and eyes (didn't put in my eyes just on the eye lids ..

      We thought they were gone 14 days later here we are he's going nuts I'm here posting this because we've tried everything possible , bleach , cream, freezing them over heating ourselves in hopes they'd die , recently we put on a product called GOOP it's for getting car oil off your hands , left it on for 5 minutes cause I thought he said not to leave it on long ..

      But I knew I shouldn't if listened because I read the lable it says 20 minutes if the oil is hard to get off , of course it's not What it was intended for to use all over the body..

      It was making some of the mites either crawl out or die , he said it was easier to get them out of the skin , however don't qoute me on this because we are out of GOOP and can't get more until the store opens ..

      Sucks though cause I can feel these things living in my mouth and eyes the only two places it can't go , however I felt one earlier on the inside of my bottom lip and I put some on it the GOOP doesn't taste terrible but contains things that shouldn't be ingested to bad though cause I feel them on the back of my throat 2 months we've Been living with these things , the doctors won't help I'm going in tomorrow because my left leg upper outer leg has been numb for almost the same amount of time , it stings on the inside muscle part ..

      What do you do when the doctor , or dermatologist won't even attempt to do test , do they blow everyone off ?

      From all the stuff I've read on here about the same symptoms seems no doctor anywhere in the world will run any test for anyone who's went in they are either presribed scabies cream or anti itch pills and cream for a rash ..

      And they get paid how much to take a glance at you and walk away?

      It's bullshit and I'm tried of living with these things inhabbiting my body , I have to take muscle relaxers to even get a few hours of sleep , it's causeing bad anxiety , irritation , and loss of hope , I don't know how much more either of us can take , we are at the breaking point ..

      I have a feeling even making an appointment to see a my regular doctor is going to be a waste of time , I have a strong feeling we picked this up at the motel we were staying at which was cleaned 20 minutes after we checked in..

      I use to work at a hotel doing housekeeping and front desk I know for a fact the sheets and pillow cases are the only thing that's changed , the

      Comforter and the other blanket under that is only washed once a year if that , yeah gross I know clean sheets with dirty blankets kinda deffeets the whole purpose , like taking a shower and putting the same clothes on , or wiping before pooping it doesn't make any sense ..

      Anyone know where I can send some blood samples and skin graphs ?


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