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How To Get Rid Of Social Anxiety Fast

Updated on January 5, 2013

Social anxiety disorder can range from being uncomfortable around attractive people to being afraid to leave your home without a family member or close friend. Social anxiety affects all of us at some point. Social anxiety is totally natural but if it is affecting your life and making you unhappy and you're avoiding going out then I understand. I'm sure you feel like there's nothing you can do and your stuck with your social phobia. Well, If you think like this I'm not surprise as this type of thinking is natural in people who are suffering from social phobia. The first step you need to do to overcome your social phobia is write down why you feel shy or embarrassed in front of people. Your sentences should describe the way you are feeling not how yo are feeling. For example. "I'm so shy around other people, because I don't have anything interesting to say" or " Why would anyone be attracted to me". Now don't use these if they don't apply to you but makes sure you write everything down in the way that I just described. As you do this, write down next to each sentence how much you think it is true ranging from 0 - 100.

Now the next step is to read back on your sentences and chalenge them. Are they really true? Now write a new positive sentence in contrast to what you wrote before. For example I said " I am too shy around people and I don't have anything interesting to say" now is this true? You could write your positive sentence like this " I have plenty of interesting things to say I just did a sponsored run for charity " Now look at your negative thought against your positive sentence and re rank them from 0 - 100 as to how much you believe the negative and positive sentence to be true. Noticed a change? This technique is great to challenge your negative thoughts and take the wind out of them.

The next step, which can totally transform you is a technique called flooding. If you really want to change and overcome your anxiety you're going to have to face the fear. This is your button to switch your fear off. When you suffer from social anxiety you become a mind reader, you no doubt have told yourself countless times what other people are thinking. You avoid any social interaction because you have already made up your mind how someone will react to you. Your challenge now for the next 30 days is to smile and hello to as many people you fear. What I mean by this is, if you are uncomfortable around attractive people the next time you see someone you are attracted to smile and say hello. You don't have to chat them up or go on a date, just smile and say hello. If you fear people at the checkout in a supermarket smile and say hello.

You may feel like the world will cave in if you were to do this but by challenging your negative thoughts and actually reading them you may find some of them silly, you'll also see yourself in a positive light. By flooding yourself what you fear most you will overcome it rather quickly. Try it and see.

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