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How To Get Rid Of The Bad Breath - 7 Ways To Stop Bad Breath That Could Be Killing You Socially

Updated on February 1, 2015

Was it something I said??

Statistics show that 35 to 45 Billion suffer from bad breath and that 85% is due to poor oral hygiene.

There's nothing worse than someone walking close to you to tell you something private and a horrible smell offends them without you knowing or maybe you met a beautiful someone and could never get past the friend stage. These are sure signs that you have a problem besides the obvious offer of breath mints or gum.

Would you like some mints?

Bad breath(halitosis) can ruin relationship just as fast as a bad connection. Some people may move away and some may offer you a mint or gum, either way your marked as a person to stay away from or not get too close too.

Acting as if it isn't happening does not make the problem go away and neither do those mints and gum you use often to mask your bad breath odor. What you don't have bad breath and your just being curious? Well...

If you don't know someone with terrible breath you better do the hand test; it just may be you! Cup your hands over your mouth. Breath into them;then smell. You should now for sure find out if you have bad breath or not. Still not sure? Ask someone close to you to smell your breath and give you the truth.

7 Ways To Fix Bad Breath

I will tell you the obvious and not so obvious methods you can use to clean up your breath.

  1. Visit dentist twice a year.
  2. Brush/floss teeth after eating.
  3. Scrap tongue especially if it's white.
  4. Gargle with sugar free germ kill mouthwash.
  5. Use Plax or other pre-rinse to soften plaque before brushing.
  6. Rub teeth and gums well with baking soda and swish Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar ONLY once a month ( It will smell awful when you spit it out but removes embedded smelly plaque).
  7. Chew only on sugar free or cinnamon gum (sugar breeds bacteria and cinnamon kill bacteria).

Bad Breath Causes

There are many things that can cause bad breath and knowing what they are can keep your halitosis under control. For instance, those mints and minty mouthwash that are supposed to be helping you out.

Products that are made with sugar give you a temporary fix and can make bad breath come back even stronger; so be mindful and switch to sugar free mint or better yet sugar free cinnamon sugar free gum.

  • Sugar
  • stress
  • caffeine
  • smoking
  • dry mouth
  • empty stomach
  • bad oral hygiene (85% culprit)

Bad Breath Quiz

How do you tell someone they have bad breath?

See results

Knowing how to deal with bad breath can improve your relationships and help you regain the confidence in yourself you deserve. If you don't practice good hygiene expect those around you to become scarce or eventually rude.

Many don't know how to approach someone with bad breath and will rather stay away then tell you your breath is bad. I suggest you use the tips to make sure your breath is fresh and clean after eating and before talking in close proximity of others.

The worse thing you can do is treat it like it is not happening; it can get worse and is always working against you. Start using the tips above and start seeing your friends come closer, teeth become brighter and breath become fresher.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 3 years ago

      Yes MsDora this a very difficult subject to approach someone with,hopefully this and other articles can cause more people to do personal assessments. Thank you for your comment.

      Dr Arsalan1989 Great point! Health can cause ones breath to be affected for many reasons. Thanks for your comment.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Writing about it is almost as hard as talking about it. You did a good job of listing the causes and suggestions. Thanks!