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How To Get Rid Of A Toothache Fast At Home

Updated on May 9, 2014

Tooth Ache Remedies

Use ground cloves and hot water.

Use a wet green tea bag against it or bite down on it.

Use a cotton swab and clove oil and put on the infected tooth or teeth.

Cut a few pieces of raw onion and put them inside your mouth of where it hurts.

Oregano oil diluted can help as well.

A ginger root piece can help.

Getting Rid Of Tooth Aches

My tooth hurts and I am in pain. I have an abscess on my wisdom tooth. These are some of the things people say when they have a toothache. So, how do you get rid of a tooth ache? You know that feeling of when your teeth is so sensitive that you can barely drink water, eat, or even just open your mouth. That feeling is very painful and sometimes you cannot do anything but hold your mouth and keep it closed. Well here are a few remedies for tooth aches and how to relieve tooth pain:

First, if you instantly get a toothache use Orajel or some type of tooth gel you can use to numb your gums so it will stop the pain of your teeth or tooth. Most people say that Orajel or other tooth gel products do not relieve the pain and tend to use other products.

Tooth Ache Prevention and Relief

Second, use an old remedy that I use to this day. All you do is get a glass of water and pour some salt into the cup and stir it up really well. This instantly relieves a toothache and do so for awhile. The reason why it instantly relieves because most toothaches revolve around nerve pain in the tooth and once air or if you bite into something, it brings that nerve into sort of like a shock and leaves you with the pain. Not good.

Third, you can take an Aleve or Tylenol to relieve your pain or to get rid of the pain for awhile. The medicine has an effect for pain at least up to 4-6 hours, but it the pain may come back, so I suggest to visit the dentist to permanently get rid of the pain in your tooth or teeth. The more pain that is in your tooth or teeth, the more likely you can get an infection or abscess on your tooth or teeth. This will cause more pain so if you have a tooth ache, it is best to seek a dentist or if you cannot afford dental care look up Free Dental Care Programs.

Fourth, do not ever wait till your tooth or teeth get worst. Get help from a dentist and let them relieve you from pain. Most people wait weeks, months, or even years before they can get to a dentist and it can lead to infectious diseases on your gums, teeth, and entire mouth. Some of the most infectious diseases within the mouth are gingivitis, gum disease, thrush, oral cancer, or halitosis.


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      Katie 7 years ago

      Great tip. I will use this on my website.