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How To Get Ripped In 2 Months -Two Months To Get Lean

Updated on April 12, 2014

Are you looking to get ripped quickly? Maybe you have a special event to attend, a beach holiday coming up or you'd just like to melt off the extra weight you've gained over the winter period. This article will show you how to get ripped in 2 months in 5 simple steps.

OK, lets get straight to the point here. I'm going to show you how to get ripped in 2 months and also explain exactly why these 5 steps work. This may or may not be new information for you but one thing I do know for sure and that is as long as you follow theses 5 simple steps you will not be disappointed in your results.

How To Get Ripped In 2 Months

# 1. Nutrition: Foods that burn fat are first on the list because they are the most important factor of any successful getting ripped programme. The nutritional choices that you make will affect your metabolism and that alone can totally change your physical appearance.

Consistency is the key here which we know at times can be difficult, so the occasional treat is not going to blow your end result.

What should you eat? 3 things are really crucial here. Eat 5-6 small meals per day as this boosts your metabolic rate each time you eat and keeps your blood sugars regulated to stop you craving. If you struggle to fit this in then supplement with 2 whey protein shakes made with water.

Protein must be kept high as this holds onto your muscle while dieting and keeps you fuller for longer too. Also eat low glycemic (GI) index foods, not to be mistaken for no or low carbs. Buy a book on GI foods and plan your meals in advance so its easier to stick with your eating habits.

# 2. Cardio work outs: Follow a High Intensity Interval Training routine (HIIT) and train smarter not harder. HIIT will burn twice the calories in half the time when performed correctly. Burning fat exercises are the treadmill, cross trainer, rower or stationary bike etc, or if you like to be outdoors running or cycling is great.

HIIT is all about using short bursts of high intensity then coming back down to a regular pace. Start out with short bursts of 1 minute and build up to 5 minute bursts over a 30 minute workout. ie; regular pace 2 mins, 5 minutes intense burst and back to regular pace for 2 mins again. Continue this for the full 30 minute cardio work out. Do cardio workouts 3 - 5 days per week and step up to 6 days per week in the last 2 weeks of your programme.

# 3. Get plenty of sleep: An overlooked fundamental of the how to get ripped in 2 months programme. Your body needs 7-8 hours sleep a night to recover from your workouts and your stressful lifestyle with work etc. Get your rest in and you'll be energised for your training to ensure maximum results.

# 4. Weights/Machines training: This is just as effective as doing cardio and by doing the 2 together you have a lethal fat burning combination. Do 3 days per week alternating these 2 routines. (A) Chest, shoulders, triceps. (B) Legs, back biceps. Mon-Wed-Fri or Tues-Thursday-Sat are great days for these workouts.

Use good form, train to positive failure and do 2 exercises per body part with 5 sets/10 reps for each. Weights and machines will keep you solid and toned while your body fat levels drop so they are a key ingredient in the how to get ripped in 2 months programme.

# 5. Water: Water, water, water! Rids the body of unwanted fat toxins and your organs will function better in losing body fat. Replace tea and coffee with herbal flavoured green teas, green tea is a great natural fat burner. Do not underestimate the power of water as part of how to get ripped fast, aim to consistently drink 8-12 glasses per day.

Nobody ever said that getting totally ripped would be easy and you'll need to be disciplined to get there. The good news is that by taking it one day at a time & following these 5 steps consistently your goals can be achieved. Please leave me a comment to let me know the results you've achieved.

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    • profile image

      Anonymous 21 months ago

      I am a vegetarian, not vegan, and I am not in terrible shape but it would be great if someone could give me more info on how to balance nutrition for this plan. Like specific ratios, etc.

    • profile image

      alex 4 years ago

      Top advice. When stuck to, results are very positive.

    • profile image

      andrew 4 years ago

      i got in a very very good shape in 6 months 2 are not enough I think.