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How To Get Super Ripped - 5 Tips You Should Follow To Get Your Leanest Ever Physique

Updated on May 9, 2014

Are you looking for the fastest way on how to get super ripped? There is a formula that is getting amazing results in the fitness world and will not only get you super ripped but it well get you there super fast. In this article we will show you how to achieve that look.

You may have been advised that the only way to lose more body fat is to do more cardio, sound familiar? First of all who has the time? Secondly who wants to spend 90 minutes on a treadmill 5 days a week to get ripped? Not me! Yes there is a better way so lets get into how that can work for you.

Tip #1. Do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with weights/machines and cardio: This is one of the keys to getting super ripped. Research has shown that if you do HIIT in both your weights/machines and cardio workouts together you can burn fat up to 9 times more than other routines. Lets take a more in depth look at how this can work for you.

Tip #2. Plan your routine: Here's a typical ripped workout plan that works well. Put your plan down on paper and work it religiously for best results.

- Mon - Wed - Fri or Tues - Thurs - Sat do both weights/machines with a cardio exercise ie: rowing, cross trainer, treadmill, lifecycle etc

- Push - Pull weights/machines routine. This gives your muscles great recuperation as you'll need time to recover. It's a decades old routine that works so don't add any more days to your weights/machines work out.

- Chest - Shoulders - Triceps for your first session then Legs - Back - Biceps for your next session. All you ever need to do is these 2 routines, no more and no less, trust me it works. 2 exercises and 5 sets (excluding warm up) per body part is all you need.

Tip #3. Rest between sets: 30 seconds maximum rest between sets on the weights/machines. Stick to it as its an important fundamental in the how to get super ripped programme. Remember HIIT is intense and thats why your results will be so amazing. Rep range 8 - 12 reps per set and always train to positive failure with good exercise form. Don't sacrifice form for heavier weights it will slow your fat burning down.

Tip #4. Cardio exercise 5 days per week: Theres no whimping out on this ripped routine. On 2 of the days you are not hitting the weights you must also do your HIIT on the rower, cross trainer etc. 30 mins is all you need on a low setting, so start out slow and build up your interval bursts over time. Interval bursts are always followed by a regular pace on a low setting.

Tip #5. You are what you eat: On this how to get super ripped programme keep your protein up to at least 1 gramme of protein per 1 lb of your body weight. Drop your carbs to a level so the fat is starting to melt off and keep them at that level. Too many carbs = body fat storage. Eat 5- 6 small meals every day to keep your metabolism boosted. Oh and by the way, don't forget to drink 8 -12 glasses of water per day as this is far too often overlooked and not adhered too.

Nobody ever said that getting super ripped would be easy, it is a very intense programme. The good news is that by following the 5 tips above consistently you can get in the best shape of your life.

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