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How To Get Your Back Ripped - 5 Tips For Both Definition And Detailed Back Muscle Separation

Updated on April 13, 2014

In this article I will show you how to get your back ripped so the muscles not only look defined but separated too. This can be achieved by following some simple, proven steps so your back muscles will look more ripped than you've ever had them before.

~ How to get your back ripped tips:

#1. Divide your back into 4 areas: This is the easiest way to train your back and make sure you are working the whole of it completely with a range of back exercises in your back workout.

- Latissimus dorsi (width) - Wide grip chins, lat machine pulldowns to the front and behind the neck pulldowns. Narrow grip pull ups/pulldowns.
- Latissimus dorsi (depth/thickness) - Seated machine/pulley rows, bent over barbell rows, one arm dumbbell row.
- Trapezius - Your upper back - Upright barbell rows, dumbbell shrugs.
- Lower back - Ripped "xmas tree" look - Deadlifts, hyperextensions, good mornings.

#2. Rep range: We are not trying to build muscle at this stage, we are on a how to get a ripped back programme. Time to up the reps to between 12 - 18 per set. This will burn more fat as you are doing more than your usual lower reps per set.

#3. How many sets and exercises?: Train your back on a day on its own and make sure you rest at least 5 days between each back session. Plan your split routine around this. Switch the above back exercises around for best results and do 2 exercises for each of the 4 areas. 4 sets per exercise (excluding warm up) will really blitz and separate those back muscles and rest no more than 1 minute between sets.

#4. Get some definition: You will need to reduce your body fat level to at least 10% so your back muscles look ripped and start to show through. If they are covered in a layer of fat nobody will ever see them.

To achieve this do interval training 30 minute cardio sessions 5 days per week. Not used to cardio? Start out slow and build up your interval bursts over time and use treadmill, cross trainer, rowing or stationary bike etc.

#5. Give your self at least 8 weeks: This is not an overnight programme, so be patient with your ripped workout. Keep your protein up to 1 gramme per 1 lb of body weight. Drop your carbs to a maximum of 60 grammes per day and eat 5 - 6 times every day.

Supplement your meals with low carb/protein bars and shakes made with water for times when you are too busy too eat, its important not to miss meals as they boost your metabolism every time you eat = a lean ripped physique quicker.

# Bonus tip: Drink plenty of water every day to rid your body of toxins, at least 10 - 12 glasses per day. Do not underestimate the power of water in this programme it is a key fundamental in your success. Replace tea and coffee with delicious flavoured green teas as green tea contains fat burning properties to get your back ripped even quicker.

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