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How To Get Your Body To Burn Stored Fat Naturally

Updated on August 12, 2014

I suffer from a disease called NAFLD also known as Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Through doctors offices and hospital stays I learned a few things about this disease that were a little confusing and at times depressing. I thought I would never understand what was happening to my body. Then I decided to start researching the subject myself and discovered an amazing connection that explained what was occurring on the inside of my cells.

Several phrases immediately came to my attention that I had heard the doctors say when I was diagnosed but I never understood exactly what they were. You may have heard of at least one of them, insulin resistance. I had assumed that insulin resistance meant that I was a diabetic. I had assumed wrong.

Understanding insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a major feature of NAFLD but it is not the only issue to this disease. Hormones play a very big part in unbalancing the body according to The american Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Plasma Adiponectin is a protein hormone that regulates metabolism of lipids and glucose. It is almost always an issue of this decreased hormone with insulin resistance. Another hormone that effects insulin resistance is a peptide hormone. Peptide hormone regulates the blood glucose.

When your blood glucose or easier term your blood sugar falls below a certain level then your body is going to need find more energy. This is when your body turns to the cells storing all those extra carbohydrates you have eaten and that is how the fat is converted to glucose and is absorbed into the blood stream. To maintain good blood sugars you want to keep them between 70 mg/dl to 110 gm/dl.

Insulin is tricky to understand but it is secreted by your pancreas when your blood sugar levels are high. Beware of eating high glycemic carbohydrates! These raise your blood sugar quickly and what your body doesn't use as energy gets stored as fat in your cells. Your body doesn't need more than 110 gm/dl so any higher amounts of carbohydrates you consume or going straight to fat cells.

How your pancreas effects your body

Glucagon is another hormone secreted from your pancreas. Glucagon is released when your blood sugar is to low. This can happen when your between meals or exercising. When it is released from your pancreas it causes your liver to release stored glucose into your blood stream.

Everyone seems to have heard the term oxidation but how many actually understand what it means? Maybe you have heard of this, de novo lipogenesis? De novo lipogenesis is an enzymatic pathway that converts dietary carbohydrates into fat. Sounds awful right? It simply means that your body is inadequate in fatty acid oxidation. In other words your body is not using all the nutrients that you are eating so any extra is being converted into fat. That is right your body is storing it in fat cells!

Fresh cuts of meat, poultry and fish are a healthy choice.
Fresh cuts of meat, poultry and fish are a healthy choice.
Real dairy products are a better choice than processed spreads.
Real dairy products are a better choice than processed spreads.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are better for your body than canned, frozen or packaged goods.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are better for your body than canned, frozen or packaged goods.

Getting control of your diet

Did you know that your body only needs 200 to 500 g of carbohydrates? Are you aware that anything you consume over that amount your body is going to store as a fat cell? Imagine the body as a machine. You pour in the 500 g of carbohydrates that it needs to work and then you decide I think I will give it 250 g of more carbohydrates. It can only use 500 g for energy but it doesn't want to lose that extra fuel so it has to store it for future use. This what your body is doing. It is programmed to store that extra energy as fat!

Now comes the tricky part. How do you get your body to release the energy it has been storing in your cells as fat? You are not going to like the answer. It is a lifestyle change. First off you have to understand what you are eating. In the history of human's on this planet we have access to huge quantities of food. You notice I said quantities and not quality? You need to go back to basics.

First you need to learn to shop at the grocery store in an entirely new way. The only places you need to use in the grocery store are the fresh produce isle, the dairy isle and the meat counter. You need to concentrate on selecting whole foods that are not processed, not canned or frozen and stay away from packaged goods. If it has a longer shelf life than you do you don't want it in your body! Keep your carbohydrates to below 500 g and exercise. Feed your body natural healthy food and keep your body moving.


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