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How To Go To Sleep and Become Worry Free

Updated on August 23, 2009

The obvious answer is to lead a good clean life and do everything right. Well we live in the real world and the topic of "how to go to sleep" is searched hundreds of thousands of times per month on Google for good reason. People do not understand the consequences to what they are putting in their body on a daily basis.

We live in a instant gratis world today and things like soft drinks, prepared foods, and caffeine laden products are just a finger tip away. This alone is the reason so many people are looking for answers to their sleep disorders. The good news is that they can pretty much cure their self-induced sleep apnea by changing over to a healthier lifestyle.

The following are just a few tips to help you get the restful sleep you really need to function at work and at home during the day. It will take some self-discipline on our parts but in the end it's worth it.

How To Go To Sleep Now

Sleep is critical to a healthy lifestyle.
Sleep is critical to a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss Can Help You Go To Sleep

Sleeping disorders are directly related to obesity - your body works hard and is constantly fatigued by the extra pounds we carry around - blood pressure, heart-rate, breathing - all of these functions are over labored dealing with excess pounds.

Try joining Weight Watchers - Their point system is a way to help maintain a normal weight and you will have the support group of others going through the same process. Just make sure you associate with upbeat and positive people who have similar weight loss goals as yourself.

By following a healthy diet - your body will not have process those extra ingredients that it doesn't need to function like bad sugars, caffeine, trans fats, and the like. Which will in turn help you sleep much better at night. After just a couple of weeks of eating healthy recipes you will feel like a new person and slumber will become a pleasant event in your life.

Daily Physical Activity Always Helps You Go To Sleep

A lot of jobs today require little or the wrong type of physical exercise we need to maintain good health and our target weight. Most times with our weight gain is on our upper torso which causes labored breathing sitting or lying flat on our backs. So Losing Belly Fat is a tremendous relief to our body and will let us rest more comfortably.

Try some of the following activities to help you get your daily cardio needed to keep your heart, body, and mind in the shape it needs to be in to sleep restfully at night.

  • At lunch for power walk for thirty minutes - you will actually have more energy when returning to work - you will be more alert and relaxed at the same time - plus you burned off that doughnut from the snack break you took at 10:30.
  • After work do one hour of some physical activities - you can make it different everyday if you like: Power Walking - Jogging - Treadmill - Bike Riding - Yoga or Do Push Ups, Sit ups, and Squats to exhaustion in sets with a short recovery in between each set (1 minute).
  • Before work always go for a one hour power walk at the highest speed you can - after you return and get a shower you will feel like a million bucks.

If you do this combined with weight watchers your body will become aligned and your good nights sleep will seem like a whole new experience.

Get Out Of Debt To Go To Sleep

Worries and Anxiety can be one of the biggest enemies of sleep disorders and will keep you staring at that digital alarm clock all night instead snoring your head off - The best way to relieve a lot of this over thinking and worry is to do something about it - Get yourself and your family out of debt now - most people can be debt free on average in 18 months.

The best way I have found to accomplish this goal is to become a Dave Ramsey follower and do what he says to unravel yourself from credit card debt, home mortgages, and student loans. Can you imagine how easy it will be to hit the sack at night knowing your home is paid for - you might even have a big ole grin on your face while you saw those logs.


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    • profile image

      Judy K 8 years ago

      Three very good suggestions for making it easier to get to sleep. There are may others like taking a bath to relax, read for a few minutes, avoid caffine, keep the bedroom very cool and many more but these three are very important for long-term sleep results.

    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 8 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      Thanks - at least the article didn't put you to sleep before commenting :)

    • compu-smart profile image

      Compu-Smart 8 years ago from London UK

      Good tips!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz:D

    • JonSterling profile image

      Jon Sterling 8 years ago from Houston Texas - United States

      LOL - You should sleep fine the way you pump out hubpages - again congrats on 100 pages.

    • The Empire profile image

      The Empire 8 years ago from Napa, CA

      Great article, I'm ready for bed!


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