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How To Have A Boy - The Secret Revealed!

Updated on July 15, 2009

How To Have A Boy - The Secret Revealed!

How To Have A Boy - The Secret Revealed!

Do you want to know how to have a boy, but are worried about the heavy costs involved? There are other methods for conceiving a baby boy which don't cost a fortune.

Your chances of conceiving a baby boy will be boosted if you can discover when ovulation takes place. You can find out by using a fertility chart and thermometer, or purchase an ovulation kit instead.

How To Have A Boy - The Thermometer And Chart Method

When you start your period you need to begin monitoring your body temperature first thing in the morning. Every day repeat the process and write your temperature down on the chart. Keep an eye out for the rise in your body temperature, because this rise is a sign that you have ovulated. Your body temperature should not drop back down until shortly before your next period. A pattern should emerge showing when ovulation occurs.
Conceiving a baby boy should be made much easier, after you've found out when you ovulate. The weak but fast swimming sperm need to gain an advantage, over the strong but slow swimming female sperm, in order to reach and fertilize the egg first. Abstaining from intercourse until the day you ovulate, then having intercourse on that day and the following day, will favour the male sperm.

A lot of people firmly believe in this method of how to have a boy.

How To Have A Boy - The Deep Penetration Method

Deep penetration allows the weaker male sperm to arrive into less hostile mucous, and swim quickly to fertilize the egg. Using a sexual position like 'the girl on top' will allow deeper penetration, therefore giving the advantage to the quicker swimming male sperm.
You can have the baby boy that you have always wanted.

Learn everything you need to know about how to have a boy at


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