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How To Have a Balanced Life With Outer Success and Inner Happiness?

Updated on December 25, 2016

How to Lead a Confident Tension free Life. If you Want to Learn More then read on.


Now What do we Need to Lead a confident tension free life? We need two core things for this to happen- 1)we need inner

happiness and 2)we need outer success or material success. It's like having two wings of inner happiness and outer success

and tail of good relationships to fly high in the sky like a free bird. Wouldn't it be just wonderful?

Now for Inner happiness. The happiness you have would depend on the amount of Energy you have. When you have high energy

levels u can handle any problems that u face in your daily life. The Energy levels Depend upon what kind of food you eat

daily, your rest and the amount of oxygen that your body is getting. Now Eating healthy and taking rest can be managed by you

as you dont need some rocket science for what to eat and what not to eat and the amount of rest your body needs daily. For

Those who dont know you should sleep for atleast about 7- 8 hours daily. Now comes the intake of oxygen your body needs to

metabolize your food so u can derive maximum energy from the food that you eat. Now this is very interesting, I want to share

some very valuable techniques that can boost youe energy levels to sky high levels. This technique is spiritual breathing.

Spiritual Breathing: Have you ever wondered why children are so full of energy and enthusiasm? They are in joy and needless

to say that the high energy levels are infact the cause of this joy. From where does these kids get so much energy that we

adults only can dream about? The key is spiritual breathing. Have you seen a child breathing pattern. The stomach goes in and

out so infact the child is breathing through the stomach. On the other hand we Adults breathe through our chest. Our chest

goes in and out when we breathe. This is the root cause of depleted energies we have. so Now the technique of spiritual


Spiritual breathing can be done by anybody and its very easy to do as what we were doing when we were young can be damn easy.

We just need to learn the breathing pattern we have forgotten. Just be aware of your breath and contract and relax your big

abdominal muscles. When you contract there is thin cord which vibrates around your navel. This is the umbilical cord from

which we derived our energy from when you were in our mother's womb. Now what happens when we breathe through our abdominal

muscles and not through our chest? More amount of lung space is used up by the body and more oxygen enters the body leading

to high energy levels.

When you have more energy naturally your enthusiasm increases leading to more joyful and happy life.


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    • krystalkane profile image

      krystalkane 10 years ago

      When I was checking one of the Amazon links on this page, it led me to this page of tales of Beedle Bard. Do check it out.


    • krystalkane profile image

      krystalkane 10 years ago

      You write well. I am not sure if I can understand some of the things you have written completely but I like your style of writing and your attitude nevertheless. Thank you so much for your hubs.

    • ksha16 profile image

      ksha16 10 years ago from In

      Great hub on spiritual breathing keep it up!

    • profile image

      Abhinaya 10 years ago

      Inner happiness is the need of the hour.Great information on spiritual breathing.