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How To Hold On When Times Are Tough

Updated on November 5, 2011

I don't know who I am writing this article for, other than me. I have experienced enough in my life to know that when God puts something on my heart to write and share..that I need to do that. There may be someone who is surfing right now, and looking for the inspiration and the hope to hold on when they feel that their world is caving in on them.

I am here to tell you right now that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are people all around each one of us who are going through storms, and tragedies, and losses....some that we know nothing about. Sometimes, we don't share our problems with even our closest friends. We feel that we should be strong, that we shouldn't admit weaknesses..or some other such bull. But there is THE one person with whom we can share anything...and who actually already knows what we are going through before we even tell him. BUT..part of Who He Is wants us to share with him anyway. Go to God and pour out your heart to Him. Let Him know that you feel that you are sinking, or drowning, or alone, or afraid...or whatever you are. He has already been through much worse than you and I will ever go through. And He already knows, but like we want our children to talk to us..He wants us to talk to TELL HIM!!

And then.....HOLD ON! Don't stop praying. But don't stop holding on..either. Listen for Him. Look for Him in every day things. He is in your child's eyes. Whether they are 8 or 38...He made them and He is part of them. He is in the love that your parents gave you; or your neighbors or whoever has ever loved you. He is all around us...but we have to feel it and look for Him. Once you make a habit of doing will see Him all the time.

I saw Him today at my lunch table when my sons ate with us. I see Him when my husband looks at me and smiles. He brought my brothers and sisters together last night for one of our monthly (at least) family times. 7 adults and their spouses, who still love to get together and laugh and play. That's God!

Who do you have in your life who cares for you? If you can name are blessed. Has there ever been a time when you were on the brink of a disaster...and it didn't happen? Or it happened - and you and your family lived through it anyway? Then it could have been worse! Thank God it wasn't!

As I write this, there is a storm in our life;  which I have faith that God is working on delivering us from. Until He does, I try very hard to stand on the "Almightiness" of God..on the other times that He has delivered us from storms. And to proclaim that HE is GOD!! Don't take that to mean that I don't get down in the pit some days...we all do...the thing is: DON'T STAY IN THE PIT!! Keep focusing on God and His Power, read His Word, PRAISE HIM ANYWAY.....and HOLD ON!


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    • jimcain207 profile image

      jimcain207 8 years ago from HUMPHREY, ARKANSAS

      Great encouraging words. Great Hub. I would like to be your fan. Looking forward to more.