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How To Improve Your Fitness At Work

Updated on March 12, 2013

Park Further Away And Jog

4 Simple Ways To Improve Fitness At Work

In the modern world, our careers take up most of our time, and some people even work from early in the morning till late at night. This often means we are sedentary all day, just sitting at our desks and hardly moving around at all. Sometimes, there isn’t even time to work out outside of work. Don’t worry though, as there are several things you can do to sneak in some exercise while you are at work. Here are four of them.

Take the Stairs

It’s rare that people don’t have to move between floors during the course of the workday. You will most probably use an elevator or escalator during the course of the day, but why not use the stairs instead? Climbing stairs is one of the best workouts you can give yourself. Maybe over time, you can even climb seven or eight floors without getting overly tired!

Park Your Car Further Away

Okay, it definitely is tempting to park your car as close as possible to your office’s entrance. But do your body a favor and park it further away so that you need to take a short walk to and from the office.

If you don’t drive, maybe you can take the bus or train earlier, and get off one stop away from your usual stop. The extra walk certainly could not hurt and it would force you to exercise (of course, be sure to do this only if you are going to be walking in a safe public area).

Take Breaks at Work

No, not coffee breaks, but exercise breaks. Every hour, spend 5 or 10 minutes walking around and stretching your body. If you work eight hours a day, that’s already 40 minutes at least of walking and stretching. It does add up, doesn’t it?

Use a Standing or Treadmill Desk

A standing desk is a desk that can only be used when you stand, while a treadmill desk has a treadmill attached to the desk that you walk on as you do your work. These nifty inventions force you to stand or walk as you carry on with your work day, thus forcing you to exercise throughout the day. This of course is the best way to exercise at work, without compromising productivity or wasting time.

Try these helpful tips and watch as you get fitter and more energized as days go by. As you can see, you won’t even need to break into much sweat trying to exercise at work. Don’t give up if making these changes seem hard at first; it’ll all become routine and habit over time.

Stairs Are An Excellent Fitness Tool

How Getting Fit Could Improve Your Productivity

Everyone knows that exercise is good for them as it keeps them healthy and fit. However, it may not be a very well-known fact that being fit can improve your productivity. By being fitter, you can be more productive not only at work, but also in other aspects of life.

Improved Physical Health

The biggest and most obvious advantage of getting fit is, of course, having improved physical health. By being in the best health possible, your body will be stronger and will be able to handle more physical stress, whether you are at home, work, or anywhere else. This also means that you have a reduced risk of injuries when doing any physical activity.

Getting fit also improves your stamina and prevents you from easily feeling fatigued, thus enabling you to stay focused on your job. You will also have a stronger immune system which means that you won’t fall sick easily. Naturally, this means instead of staying sick in bed, you can be out doing things that you want to do.

Improved Mental Health

Being fit also promotes your mental wellbeing and helps you to stay positive. This is caused by a neurotransmitter called serotonin that your brain releases when you exercise. Serotonin is very helpful in improving productivity as it reduces stress and helps you relax, which in turn, enables you to think and work efficiently.

Since it is likely that you will have less stress if you are fit, you will also be able have a better attitude when dealing with relationships, which indirectly also helps you function well in a team. This does not only apply to your job, but is also true at home, helping you to enjoy your time with family.

When you are fit, your heart can function optimally to supply blood to your brain and the rest of your body. Since your brain is getting an ample amount of blood to nourish it, you will have a sharper and more alert mind so you can analyze any problem you face better and solve it. You will also have better quality sleep, which helps you to rest well and be re-energized to face a new day. Not only will you sleep better, but you may even need less sleep. By needing less sleep, you will have more time on your hands to complete your tasks.

As you may now already know, exercising regularly and getting fit does not only give you the body shape and weight that you want. By being fit, you will also improve your physical and mental health, enabling you to tackle whatever tasks that you have.


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