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How To Improve Your Sex Appeal Through Becoming Fit!

Updated on February 13, 2013

Why Are We Attracted To Fit, Muscular And Tone People?

Most people think of a well sculpted body, like the one present to the right as sexy, attractive, desirable and in most cases, out of their reach. Why do we think this of people with good bodies? It is just because we believe they look better? They catch the eye in a better light? Well yes, partly. However, most of why we are attracted to them is much more sub-concious, buried in our genetics. Before we being, I will say when I say strong, fit and toned men, I mean any of them. So not necessarily bodybuilders as these are often seen as unattractive to men and women. So please do not get confused.

A common phrase thrown around a lot is, 'Looks are not everything!' To a certain extent this is true, but looks can give you an insight to the character of that individual. For example, if you see a fit, muscular guy such as the image shown. Then you start to think that the exterior is a reflection of his personal character. So a strong, fit body possibly reflects a strong character. This can be good and it can be bad, but the point is looks are actually more important than people think. Not to sound too harsh here, but I believe people who say, 'Looks are not everything,' are simply insecure about their own appearance. Therefore the mirror of my example would be that a smaller, less muscular person would be perceived to have a weaker character. This is not just my opinion, upon researching this further, I discovered that a vast amount of others share the same views. I am not saying that personality is irrelevant, but I am saying that a strong fit body can give a good insight as to the character of an individual, so a fitter individual will look to have a more appealing personality.

The main reason, however, we are attracted to fit, muscular and toned people is all down to reproduction, not in the sense you see someone really attractive and think, 'I would like to reproduce with them!' Instead in the sub-concious sense. Lets break this down into men and women;

  • Men - By seeing a guy which is muscular, fit and toned, a women is more likely to find him attractive because her sub-concious is telling her many different messages about why to find him attractive. In the wild, it is natural for the biggest, strongest, fittest male to be seen as the, 'alpha male,' of the group. Naturally the, 'alpha male,' gets breeding rights above other males. Seeing a muscular, fit and toned guy will make a women think instantly of the protection that they can offer. It is these fundamental wants such as, protection, security and attraction which will increase a women's lust for a strong, fit and toned man.
  • Women - With women the story is a little different, as the more muscular a woman looks, the less attractive they are likely to be to a man. This is because the man does not want the woman to be stronger than him. Even in majority of nature, this is not natural. However, un-sculpted and overweight is not an attractive look either. Once again, it boils down to nature and genetics, a guy will find a women attractive due to her reproductive state. If she has large breasts and wide hips then a male will find her more attractive than her counterpart with smaller breasts and thin hips.

Obviously this is not true for everyone, and some people genuinely prefer small thin men, while some men genuinely prefer larger women. However, it is the natural process and this is why fitter people are seen as more attractive to the opposite sex. It is all to do with fertility.


How To Enhance Your Sex Appeal

Following the logic stated above, to improve your sex appeal you need to become fitter. You need to become more toned. To become fitter. Becoming physically fit, we also give you a better mindset, to be able to talk to even the most attractive of the opposite sex, you will feel better within yourself and so much more confident. This will give the opposite sex something to desire, something that they naturally want. However, there is a lot you can do apart from becoming physically fitter which will improve your sex appeal, here are some ideas;

  • Clothing - It sounds obvious, but a good fashion sense which compliments your features to the opposite sex is a must. Well fitting clothes, and I do not mean so tight you cannot breathe, can emphasize your assets. In women, well fitted jeans and trousers make their hips look much more appealing to men. Whereas a nice fitting t-shirt which is tight around your upper arms, will make you more appealing to woman. So dress to emphasize your assets. An example of this is, well fitted trousers make you feel different than loose clothing, it affects you drastically, the way you walk wearing it, the way it make you feel, it makes you feel better. This is naturally given off through your aura, and people do really pick up on this.
  • Personality - Although the majority of this hub has been about the physical side of sex appeal, make sure you are engaging and social to talk to. Becoming fit will change your mind, how you view yourself. As soon as you see yourself as attractive (not arrogant) then you will find it much easily to talk to the opposite sex. It will build your confidence, it will give you what you need to be able to view yourself as attractive.
  • Understanding - You need to understand yourself before you start to build our sex appeal. Invest time in yourself, discover what you really want in life. You may have spent your life trying to impress someone else, trying to always to see as better in their eyes. To really improve your sex appeal, you have to know what you are seeking. You have to be motivated and determined to succeed. Yes, some lucky individuals may be born with the right genetics and natural attractiveness. However, if you want it, you can have it. The most important thing is to want this for yourself, only then, only at this point, can you make that change. Just by reading this hub you are already on the first step to becoming fit. Ask yourself, in 6 six, 1 year, 5 years from now, what will you wish you did today? The secret to success in anything, but especially this, is getting started. Do not let fear stand in the way of becoming fit, do not think, 'Oh, what if this does not work?' You cannot have any negative thoughts in your head. If you believe enough in the process and the end result, the fit body will come to you, you just have to be determined enough to see it through to the end!


How Do You Feel About This?

How attracted to muscular or fit and toned people are you?

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Know Yourself!

You may want to become fit because you want better sex appeal, because you want a better social status. This is good, it will motivate you. However, do not do this for someone else, you need to do this for yourself, you have to know who you are. Not letting other people say you can not do it, or will not do it. You have to believe in yourself and believe that you have a higher sex appeal then other people of the same gender around you. It is only at this point, when you will seem more attractive and more appealing to others. People will want to interact with you. People will want to share will you. People will want to be you.

Live Your Life For You!


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