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4 Tips for a More Stress Free Life

Updated on April 27, 2013

Stress Relief

In this hectic fast paced world it is often times hard to keep your life in order. Still I would like to offer you four pieces of advice which will help you in your pursuit of finding true peace in this life.

Keep your bills paid
No I am not talking about your household bills but keeping them up to date is also important. The bills I am referring to are those you incur with other people. In life we ask people to do help us with all kinds of things, moving, helping tend to household repairs and the list goes on and on. While our friends don't expect us to return favors what kind of friends are we if we don't?

So keep your bills paid. Let others see you care as much for them as they do for you by returning favors and going one step beyond when possible.

Keep your beds made
You wouldn't want guests to see your bed unmade and a mess. In the same way you don't want people to see your life a mess. The best way to live your life is by keeping everything simple. The more things you try to shove into your life the more of a mess you're going to make. I see more people who are so stressed out because their beds are so full of stuff they can never pull the covers up. They can never relax.

So keep your bed made. Enjoy life by keeping it simple.

Keep your garden weeded
Spring is my least favorite time of year. Why? Because it seems like every week I am pulling weeds from my gardens. Our lives are like my gardens. We fill them up with so much stuff which is bad for our minds and bodies the good stuff gets choked out. We are left feeling down and disheartened..

What we ought to be doing is weeding our gardens. Getting rid of anything which does not benefits us mentally or physically.

Be available when needed
What does being available have to do with keeping your life in order? Everything. We all need people around us as sounding boards when we need advice. As shoulders to lean on in times of sorrow. As friends to share good times and bad. They are the ones who are there to help keep our lives in order.

In the same way we need to be there for others when they need us. We also need to be the shoulder they lean on in times of trouble. I live my life on the theory of what goes around come around. Another way of saying it is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

In other words to keep your life in order make sure you are available to others when needed.

Dealing with Stress


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    • writer20 profile image

      Joyce Haragsim 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

      Great hub, voted up useful and interesting, Joyce