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How To Kill Depression

Updated on June 12, 2012

Depression a Serious Matter

There are many times that we feel sad and lonely yet we can recover easily. But there are times also that we reach sadness at the higher level that we loss our intererests on things we usually love to do and we become to feel helpless that sometimes we indulge ourselves into drinking alocohol, involved in drugs or worst could lead to suicide attempts. If we feel this way then we are depressed, we may not often realize our behaviors at that state but others around us will do, and that is our family and friends. Depression is serious matter and should be closely attended by family, friends and specialist.

The sudden loss of a loved one, persistent failures, a totally dreadful experience or any painful scenario can trigger depression. Doctors that specialize in stress and depression also add that certain brain conditions and heredity are also factors that cause depression. However, there are still unknown factors that contribute to this illness yet everything boils down to a sad fact that it is a disease that needs to be treated and has to be prevented.

Depression is an illness that involves the mind and emotions. Everyone is susceptible to this disease reagardless of what demographic category he belongs to. It cripples a person's physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional aspects, hence depression must be given due attention since like any other dreaded disease, it can lead to death.

Symptoms of Depression

  • abrupt change of behavior such as loss of interest on things once enjoyed, irritability.
  • either one loses weight or gains weight because of poor diet.
  • loss of concentration
  • one becomes a couch potato, either oversleeps or the other way around.
  • talks about committing suiced/there have been suicidal attempts.


How To Kill Depression

  • If you have identified yourself to be depressed based on the symptoms given and has been under its trap for weeks or months, it is better to seek professional help from a doctor or a health provider that specializes on such illness. It is important to be open to your physician on what you feel and how you react on certain situtations. Moreover, it is equally important to choose the right doctor who gives the right treatment.
  • Aside from the necessary medications, talk therapy also "lessens" depressions. Your support system, composed of a psychiatrist, doctor psychologist, social worker, counselor, close friends and immediate family members, can actually help you get over it. Through talk therapies, you will be given a different perspective on your situtation. The encouragement is as powerful as the dosage of your medication.
  • On the other hand, if a family member or a friend is depressed, it is important to listen to the person and understand his predicament. Let him feel that you are always there for him, be there during his visits to the doctor. Have patience and get the right information regarding the present to condition of the person in order to do the right thing and say the right words.
  • A well-balanced diet, enough rest/relaxation, exercise, wellness activities such as massage, spa, yoga, sports also contribute to the treatment of derpession.

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    • profile image

      osman 5 years ago

      use that same energy thats coming in your body annd making u get tension, stress, use it to get calm and relax and think of 1thing at a time in your mind and think positive..seious it works .

      BUT one of the best ways is talking about your problems you can talk to a psychologist , a close family member that you trust and you have to continue talking of what is bothering you no matter how many times u talk you have to continue talking it out and releasing that stress out of your body!!

    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      Like being happy. Depression takes hard work. Nothing comes easy. Many have gotten over depression. Retraining your mind to do what only you know what to do is the solution. People think others can cure it. Others can help, but just like the person got into the depression. Only he or she can get out. If you can work and work at it eventually it will be broken. The world will seem like a different place when it does and you will feel like you forgot how you can feel.

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 6 years ago

      wonderful, thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      Messiah 6 years ago

      Guys, I would like to tell y'all one thing, Depression is a state of mind like all other feelings eg, happiness, sadness, anger, jealsousy. Everything can be controlled. I came here bcos I have mood swings everyday n moment. Some moments I feel good, some moments I feel bad. What I have analysed is that everything is just a state of mind. IF i don't work & if i sit idle, I feel depressed as I do not have any work. On the contrary, If I have work in my hand & IF I am constantly running to get the tasks or job completed, I don't even have time to think of depression.

      SO RULE # 1 : Always find some or the other work to make yourselves occupied with work.

      Rule # 2 : Utmost faith n trust in God. He is your true friend. He is always there with u even if you don't see him. HE is ur invisible friend. U can always talk to him & share things with him.

      Rule # 3 : Whenever any bad thought strikes you, just take a few slow deep breaths, release n try to relax, Just concentrate on your breathing. U need to forget n forgive what bad has happened to you. Remember, there were testing times and will be. U need to remember, in all these times, your friend, God Almighty is der to support you n take care of you. It is upto you how much u respect him and how much u heed his advice.

      Rule #4 : Keep talking to people as it will deviate from your bad thoughts. Bad thoughts are like the satan trying to tempt u or mislead u.

      My friends, remember many bad things happen to many people which u cannot control. What u can control though is how u react to it.

      So get out of that box called depression, reach out to your invisible best friend who is always with u, to help u, to give u strength and to take care of you.

      Remember what Jesus said, "I M d way, I M the truth, I M d life."

      So trust God and all ur problems will be gone..Never forget ur trust.

      Remember d golden words..This too shall pass, this too shall pass... Peace be with all of you & God Bless you My friends.

    • profile image

      Mr 6 years ago

      The will to fight?

      After fighting and fighting there's no more fight left in you !

      It's really not worthed that's the fact. Regardless of what people who have no depression might say . There is honor in dying especially If it's the only way to

      Rid urself of depression

      It's not worth the pain!!

    • profile image

      depressed 6 years ago

      o my almighty god plz help me pass through this situation, 6 yrs already, struggled to get married first den after few months found husband has cancer. in laws blames...fights wid husb. dont feel lyk doin anythin .husb thinks am sick. i guess i am.n guess wot am a nurse who cheers others up bt dont find out a way to cheer myself up.everyday wake up thinkin wud b different n happy bt something inside me is empty...

    • profile image

      Ahsan 6 years ago

      I am suffering with depression as well that is seriously disturbing job and family. I am trying my best to get out of it by reading good tips/posts and articles on google. I don't go for antidepressent medication because there are lots of side effects but taking homeopathy and herbal treatment, yoga exercise, praying 5 times a day(muslim), positive attitute, drinking plenty of water a day, keeping myself busy as i can by defining some small goals in life and to achieve it, be kind to others etc.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      ok I haven't read all the responses but I have been in an asylum due to a suicide attempt (I am dyslexic and likely to misspell many words) and the advise the article gave is correct for many people maybe not everyone so do not judge it as wrong... you cannot see it because you are wither so depressed or narcissistic in which case you will hate my comments even more. however I am surprised at your candid response to the comments. depression is majorly based on diet for many people there are also people that NEED medication. granted society today has made med seem taboo but they are not. there are people that need them. respond if you wish i shall do my best to help :O) (please remember i am a person that has and does deal with depression)

    • profile image

      Supportive friend 6 years ago

      God loves you! Life will never be perfect, but there will be someone in your life that will need you. Be strong and don't give up. One day we will be gone, and then it will be too late. Many people have given their lives for family, love, freedom, and country. They never had the chance to see their children, moms, dads, brother, sisters, and more. Be thankful for everyday, and find the inner person inside you that needs you to make the right decision for yourself. We are not perfect, and we never will be. LIVE WHILE YOU CAN!

    • profile image

      Aswin.S 6 years ago


      I can understand your feelings...I know how painful is the depressed state..Because I experienced it ..well I am no doctor but still I can suggest some ways to escape from this..

      There are several methods..

      Believe in the almighty..You are sent to Earth by him for a purpose..Rather than depressing about unchangeable things , trust the God and pray to will fill positive energy in you..

      Be good to the people, help others and you can now notice the positive energy eloping in you..

      never sit idle or alone..find an area of interest and work on it..

      First of all find the cause of your depression..

      A woman commented above that she lost her breasts due to cancer

      Lost is was for a noble reason..otherwise you must have suffered a lot..

      never worry about the lost and past things..harden your mind..

      a brave mind will be less affected by depression..

      medication and antidepressants will work..but it will be great if u can get out of the problem yourself..

      always believe one thing...

      "your life is short...dont depress and waste it..

      "We cant change our fate..Pray ...expect less..always there is God for us..

    • profile image

      D+ 6 years ago

      I have been depressed in a cage for a long time now and ive reliazed how i have attemted sucide... HELP IM ONLY 10!!

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I feel so numb, every second a sharp pain goes through my heart and soul. I'm caged in this hell for 4 years, I even cut my wrist once and I didn't gain anything. But I lost my only friend that I had, Everyone pointing the finger at me saying that i'm crazy. So many thoughts that I can't get rid. Holding me so strong, I just drown in pain and i'm only 16 yrs why is this happening to me?

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      well A, I lost my breasts to cancer and my husband refuses to sleep with me!

      I fear no man will ever want me.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      I lost the girl i wanted in my life coz i was unable to make the amount of money her family demanded a year, now she's being married to this doctor infront of my eyes and i am helpless. I hate this materialistic world, it punishes you for being poor.

    • profile image

      Arun. 7 years ago

      Never found a way out.......I Dream the same thing...i dnt find any diff. Between dream n reality....tried hard to forget the happenings but still...depression n frustration got a hand oves me...every single second ..i feel i m a looser....had done everything but nth went right....

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 7 years ago

      I understand K but you just have to be strong to fight it. I know not all can be achieve through medication, so you might as well try the holistic approach.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      I hate this. Everyone who has some cure is only interested in making money. Meanwhile, we sit here in misery.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      this is the worst illness... killing u every second... better to have a single death

    • profile image

      RC 7 years ago

      i agree with P good ideas in theory but alot of nonsense had depression for 5 years i believe more in medication than eating well and excercising and all that nonsense if things like that become your cure then you were never truly trapped inside clinical depression and anxiety where you dont have any control over your mind for things like this to help people like me and P there has to be the right change in our biochemistry first otherwise it will do nothing

    • profile image

      mukram 7 years ago

      it will help me to over come my depression!

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      In ways this article is right...

      We just need the will to fight this..

      Or it'll consume our lives..

    • profile image

      abalam 7 years ago

      i just want it to end

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      ... and when you are super depressed, you can't even make yourself do any of those things! Good ideas in theory, but not realistic. Been suffering from depression for over 15 years!

    • profile image

      JR 7 years ago

      I agree...this writer never had "real" paralizing depression like u & i.

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      It seems to me that the person who wrote this article has never been depressed! I'm too anxious to even put a foot outside my home. If I'm out in the public I am incredibly uncomfortable. Family and friends have tried to be supportive without luck.

      I will def report back when I find my remedy but I do not believe "medication" will help.


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