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How To Know If You Are Burning A Lot of Calories. Burn More Calories, Lose Fat.

Updated on November 14, 2013

Calories are Energy

Think of calories as energy and your fat as a battery. Consume more energy than you use and the extra energy is stored as fat. To reduce fat you need to use up the stored energy by burning more calories than you consume. You need some fat so you don't to run out of energy but having too much extra fat is bad for your health. 3,500 calories is roughly equal to one pound.

Most healthy adults consume and burn between 2,000 and 2,500 calories a day. Burning 500 calories an hour during a workout is great. The most calories I burned in one workout while using my elliptical trainer was just over 1,400 calories according to the calorie counter display.


If you eat a lot of big meals and have snacks without gaining weight then you are burning a lot of calories. It does not matter how much fat you have or how often you exercise. I know I burn a lot of calories because I eat a lot and I am not gaining weight. Even though I eat more than most of the people I know I only weigh 125 pounds. If you don't eat very much and you are not losing weight then you are not burning very many calories. Skipping meals and not snacking can cause you to burn fewer calories. So can going on a strict diet.

Eating small amounts of food can cause you to lose weight but it can stop you from burning a lot of calories. People can get stuck eating very little because they don't burn enough calories. Either they watch what they eat so they don't gain weight or they are just not very hungry. I went from not eating very much and not burning many calories to eating a lot and burning a lot of calories. Sometimes you can lose weight by eating more food. Lots of people should be eating more food, including some of the people that are overweight.


Me doing pull ups.
Me doing pull ups. | Source

As a person's weight increases they burn more calories while doing ordinary activities throughout the day and when they workout. That is why people stop gaining weight without changing their exercise and eating habits. It is also why it can be difficult to keep losing weight. Losing weight means you burn fewer calories throughout the day and when you exercise unless you gain a lot of muscle.

While increasing your weight does cause you to burn more calories there are a lot of overweight people that do not eat very much. If you don't exercise then being overweight is not enough to cause you to burn as many calories as a much lighter person that exercises a lot.

I can burn more calories throughout the day than a person that weighs a 100 pounds more than me if I am much more active than they are.


When you sweat your body is getting rid of water. While sweating burns calories it does not burn enough to make a significant difference. You lose weight when you sweat because you are losing water. When you drink you get that weight back. It is a good idea to sweat some of the time. Sweating is good for your health. However sweating the fat away does not work. Exercising often causes people to sweat. It is the exercise that burns enough calories to make a difference.


Me doing push ups.
Me doing push ups. | Source

Any exercise that uses up a lot of energy burns a lot of calories. If a machine would use up a lot of energy doing what you are doing then so will you. Push ups, pull ups, running, bicycling, jumping rope, shadow boxing and lifting weights can all use up a significant amount of energy. If you are using up a lot of energy then you should feel drained. You exercise every day during your daily routine.

If you are moving around then you are getting some exercise and burning calories. Being slightly more active than you are now is not going to cause you to burn enough calories to make a noticeable difference. Exercises that work a lot of different muscles tend to use up more energy. Muscle fatigue is when your muscles need time to recover from being strained. Having sore or weak muscles does not mean you burned a lot of calories. It just means you strained the muscles. After using up a lot of energy you should feel tired.

Going from one exercise to the next is a good way to use up a lot of energy. For instance you could jump rope, lift weights, shadow box, do push ups, run on the spot and then do the circuit again. You can get lots of exercise while doing fun activities like playing motion games on the Wii, walking in the woods, biking, playing sports, rollerskating, etc. and while doing little things like walking to the store instead of driving.

Tips To Burn More Calories

  1. Eat regularly and snack if you get hungry. Avoid overeating but don't go hungry. You will have more energy to exercise and you won't mess up your metabolism.
  2. Be heavier than you look. Being heavier than you look means you have some muscle. The extra weight and extra muscle will help you burn more calories.
  3. Be active. You don't burn many calories sitting or laying down and doing next to nothing. Reduce the amount of passive entertainment. Living a more active lifestyle can make a huge difference.
  4. Avoid stress. Stress is one of the major causes of fat weight gain. Practice being relaxed. It will make it much easier for you to burn more calories.

© 2013 Michael H


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