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How To Know You're An Empath

Updated on October 24, 2014

Many people do not understand, realize or care to explore the impact of empathy, emotions, positivity and negativity on one another.

You see Empathy is an emotion that we feel and here's the problem- it's not your own emotion, it's an emotion that you appropriate from others. Regardless of what faith, belief, god or being(s) you believe in, there's one fact that you cannot negate: we are all made of energy. You can feel it.
In some cases you'll meet someone who you 'hit it off' with instantly. They're fun to talk to, they're funny and they bring out this positive side in you that craves productivity, honesty and more positive about life. Then, there are those who make you feel lowly and pathetic about yourself. No matter how much you try to please or appease to them, you're never going to feel good with/around them. It's as if though there's this cloud in your head or a burden on your shoulders.

These are people who drain you of positivity. If you're an Empath, chances are you either know it and don't know how to control the effect others have on you OR you don't know it and you are affected by others energy fields to the extent that you can no longer recall who you are. I've seen that many people fall in the second category. They're basically good human beings with big hearts and great personalities but they are affected by the negativity of a negative and horrible person or group.
I'm no expert on this topic but if you want to know whether you're an Empath, see if this sounds like you:
1. Mood-al imbalances
One minute you're your normal, quirky, happy and positive self and then, the minute you hang out with a certain group of people or person, your energy levels go down and you become pessimistic, low on energy and you're no longer as happy as you were.

2. You Can't Stand Some People
This is not a reference to your emotional experience, trauma or discomfort with someone. I am referring to the fact that you PHYSICALLY cannot stand some people. Let me give you an example:
I was hanging out with a particular group of people. They were amped up on negative emotions and did nothing but bitch about various people at this get-together. I don't like to bitch or gossip and try my best to stay far away from politics that lead to such unwarranted loathing or negativity. Anyway, though I said nothing and I was pretty much in my own world, my head started hurting all of a sudden. It was literally pounding at the temples. That was actually the point at which I recognized what Empathy is or how it feels to be an Empath.
If something similar has happened to you, chances are that you're an Empath.

3. You Take on Other People's Emotions and Fears

This can be quite annoying. Most Empaths are perfectly fine with or about something or someone until they meet someone else who has an issue with a person or thing. I've personally encountered several Empaths of the sort and the endearing part is that they don't understand how they're losing themselves to others. Analyze yourself and see if what you feel makes sense to you. Are you the kind of person who's scared of heights, water and horror movies or did you meet someone who made you feel that way? You'll know.

I'll be writing more on this topic in the coming days. So far this is my first post on HP. I hope you enjoy it :)

Feel free to comment, rate and/or ask me anything you want to in the box below.


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    • profile image

      Owaiz 2 years ago

      So, what do you do if you're an empath? The part about hitting it off with certain people, chemistry, is true. Like sometimes you just look at someone and you know you're gonna hit it off with them, but I don't believe in energies and stuff.

    • humzah profile image

      Humzah Muzaffar Raja 2 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      That's up to you but if you "don't believe in energies and stuff" there's not much you CAN do. It's not about what you do as an empath. It's just about being one.

      Thank you fro taking the time to read the article.

    • profile image

      Owaiz 2 years ago

      Oh okay, cool. I guess I'm an empath of sorts, albeit a bit twisted.

    • humzah profile image

      Humzah Muzaffar Raja 2 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      That's possible. You'd know better. Usually either you're an empath or you're not. If you are, awesome!

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