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How To Lift Up Our Self-Esteem

Updated on August 3, 2016
Mantle Rock Natural Bridge, Kentucky
Mantle Rock Natural Bridge, Kentucky | Source

Low self-esteem can be very destructive to the spirit within us all. It seems that more than not, life will deal us this card and we struggle to understand why. We could blame karma, ourselves, our friends or family, however, God gave us the freedom to make choices. Instead of looking at why or how come....look to today and the choices you can make to pull yourself up by the boot straps. Here are some great ways and things to remember that will rebound that self esteem and make your life better!

One of the most important things to embed into your heart is, that God never made "junk". We are all His children and special gems of the human race and we all carry beauty within ourselves. If you are feeling ugly in any way, lose that feeling. Look at all the beauty that surrounds us in many forms and know you are also a part of that creation. That is beautiful!

Dancing.....put on some music you love and dance like nobody is watching. Not only is that good for your cardio, but the act will produce endorphin that create the good feelings inside. Who cares if you sing out of tune or shuffle the wrong foot, you are busy enjoying the moment and rediscovering some joy.

When we fall on bad times, stress creeps in and overtakes the emotions. You have a choice of allowing that stress, by fretting over can make your own peace. Turn over the stress to your Maker and use your faith to know whatever has happened will pass and God will provide in some way. They always say, "when one door closes, another always opens". This is called hope, the rainbow after a storm, the energy that propels us forward with peace in our hearts.

One of our human downfalls, especially in today's society, is we want to compare ourselves to others. STOP! There is no comparison. We are all different, just like two alike. We all have talents! If you are down, look to the talents you have and focus on perfecting them. Rather it be painting, construction, gardening or singing, ect... it is through these talents that our beauty will shine and creates happiness in our hearts.

Keeping a journal is a good way to release the negative. We could write all that puts us in pain, but then we are simply hanging on. Start a journal or diary of what you want and how good you want to feel...keep it positive in every way. Record your small and big accomplishments. This will keep you focused on the good stuff!

Health! We all need our health. Our bodies and our mind are sacred. Treat them both well. We can treat ourselves to sweets from time to time, but pay attention to what you place into your body. Remember to move the body every day in some or stretching or 15 minute workout, all will create a balance in the body and allow the mind to work properly. Just knowing we are working on a healthy life will lift that self esteem to a higher level.

Laughing is always good medicine! Surround yourself with family and friends who love to laugh. Laughing makes the soul feel so good! Find a comedy TV show or children who love to be is all good! Be sure to laugh long and hard and the feeling will linger for some the smile that is hard to wipe off a face!

Family and friends! This can be tricky. We love so many of the people in our lives, but not all of them have our well being in mind. Be sure to involve yourself with family and friends who support you rather than those who want to criticize and put you down. It is a two way street so be sure to encourage others to stay positive as well and it all will come back your way.

If we employ some of these ideas into our lives, we will not only lift our self-esteem but will come closer to the perfection of the Holy. Remember the dogwood tree. It is ugly and twisted trunk and branches, but yet when the flower blooms, she is all about beauty that emerges from the inside! So pick up those dusty boot straps and know you are somebody and you are beautiful!

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    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      We all have to "pull ourselves up by the bootstraps" as you say. If we wait for someone else to do it for us, it just won't happen! We have to make the choice of who and how we want to be every day. Like they say, "Life is like shaving. No matter how good you do it one day, you always have to get up and do it again the next!"