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How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Updated on June 12, 2014
Lose Your Belly Fat In Just Weeks
Lose Your Belly Fat In Just Weeks | Source

Lose Your Body Fat And Reduce Your Belly

Among the most seen and asked common questions nowadays “how to lose belly fat fast” is an important one which is not ignored by most of us. We all are conscious about getting fat especially when our stomach starts to bulge. Belly fat is one of the critical types of fat seen in human beings. It has been acting as an indicator for diseases especially cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Sometimes even exercises cannot oppose the gaining of fat. We start to gain belly fat when cortisol level in our body starts to increase. The daily stress and obstacles that we face has also been seen as a reason for gaining belly fat or fat in the midsection. This additionally helps the cortisol in your body to break the muscles starts to hold fat in the midsection of your body. Poor diet along with daily stress adds to this effect and not just calorie restriction diet planning can reduce belly fat fast.

Get  enough sleep
Get enough sleep | Source

Adequate Sleep

Start to think before working late in the night. When the rhythm of your body and diet changes, your body signals to eat more. Your body produces ghrelin which makes you to consume more sugar and fatty foods. Lack of sleep and sleep disorder can affect your insulin levels and the food you eat gets converted to fat while you sleep due to high amounts of insulin. It is necessary to get about 8 hours of sleep in a day.

Find some time to relax during the day. Taking short naps during breaks makes more active at work, forgets worries and reduces stress.

Keep away any objects that make you worry while sleeping such as your mobile phone and other items. Forget about your worries while sleeping. Try listening to music to calm your mind.

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Squats | Source
Sprints | Source

Lose Your Stomach Fat Easily

Fat Burning Exercises

Stop doing crunches a lot as it only makes your abdominal muscles strong and does not burn up the fatty layer on your belly. Do exercises that work out multiple muscles and remember to do some cardio.

Walking every day and staying active throughout the day helps you in losing your belly fat.Try to take about 10,000 steps a day because studies and other health articles have stated that person who reduced walking has increased their fat in a small amount of time. Take stairs rather than elevators and walk or use bicycles instead of driving. If you have a treadmill, spend some time with it.

It has been proven that interval training or exercising with short resting periods can improve muscle and build a healthy body. It also helps in reducing the fat in your body.Try doing some sprint exercises. Sprinting burns up fat from your whole body and that is why athletes are more muscular. Doing squats, chin ups , pushups and other strength training exercises can help you to reduce fat from various parts of the body.

Aerobic exercises or cardiovascular exercises, which helps your heart to stay healthy and pump blood more easily without any problems facilitates fat burning from all over the body more efficiently than the strength training exercises. Try to move or work out your belly during sprints and other cardio sports such as basketball, football etc.

Flat Belly Diet
Flat Belly Diet | Source

What is your midsection length ?

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A Flat Belly Diet

In order to reduce your belly fat most of the work is contributed by a healthy diet. You should decrease the calorie consumption and start eating protein rich foods such as fish, eggs etc and also consume a good amount of green vegetables and fruits. If you are very fond of sweets and other sugar products then replace them with healthy milkshakes and other items containing milk, fruits, vegetables etc. Cinnamon in your daily diet helps you to balance blood sugar and also helps in controlling constipation.

Eating breakfast in an hour after waking up keeps the insulin in your body balanced reduces your cholesterol levels. Try to eat at the same time everyday or your biological rhythm will get affected and it takes some time to bring back the old one. Eat more protein rich foods as it takes more time to get processed than sugars and complex carbohydrates. Avoid eating bakery items which consists of sugar and junk foods from outside. Prefer homely food as it is more healthy and cheaper to make.

Science has shown us that people who eat whole grains such as oatmeal etc reduced more belly fat than others who ate at the same time whose diet consisted of refined grains. Grains help you to reduce fat. Avoid eating white grains. Opt to eat brown bread instead of white as brown bread is healthier.

Study your eating habits and keep a food journal. Record what has worked out for you and what has not. Analyze your results and come to the conclusion. This will help you to choose the right food for your body and it can get useful again in the future or for someone else.

Benefits of vitamin C
Benefits of vitamin C | Source

Crucial Role Of Vitamin C

Cortisol makes your body to gain more belly fat fast. Stress makes your body to secrete more cortisol. The gaining cortisol levels in our body can be prevented with Vitamin C. It also helps you against a cold. It is necessary for making carnitine which helps you to turn the fat in your body as fuel for it. Vitamin C is usually seen in citrus fruits such as lemon oranges etc. It also helps your skin to become fairer. Try to keep Vitamin C foods along with you at work or outside such as pepper, kiwi , oranges to combat stress.

Drink Plenty Of Water
Drink Plenty Of Water | Source

Eat Good Fat & Drink Water

Start eating good fats instead of sugars. Goods fats are foods which include Omega 3 like walnuts, almonds etc. These foods also consist of necessary nutrients required throughout the day.

Drinking water all day gives you a more active metabolism along with dieting. It also helps the body to remove wastes and other toxins which in turn improve your overall health. Drink about 8-10 glasses of water every day. Carry a water bottle when you go for playing or to the gym.

Stress Free Breathing

This is one of the methods to reduce your stress. When you feel stressed look at your breathing method. If you are holding breath or taking rapid short breaths, start taking long and slow breaths. These are the ones you usually take when you wake up in the morning to get fresh or while sleeping. Use this method of breathing throughout the day and note that your belly or stomach muscles contract and relax during exhalation and inhalation. This will help you to lose belly fat fast and easily.



Everyone has stress. The way you handle it matters. Relaxing with your friends and family, meditating, consulting with a counselor are some other ways to tackle stress. A stress free life gives you a healthy and happy body. Remove the tension from your mind through jokes and other means of entertainment such as music,cinema,books etc.


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    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 

      3 years ago from Miami Florida

      I like the way. You know how to reduce the fat of the stomach's muscle or the inside of the stomach. It is not easy to reduce the belly. Thank you for all your advices and mentioning the food we need to eat to have a flat stomach's muscle. I am going to try the food . The exercises, I am already doing them. I like your hub.

    • profile image

      Dian amoah 

      4 years ago

      How do I get the Green slimming tea and how much is it?


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