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How To Lose Love Handles

Updated on September 30, 2010

Lose those love handles by following this simple formula.

Say 'so long' to love handles.
Say 'so long' to love handles.

How to lose love handles

Love handles, muffin tops, whatever you call them, those unsightly rolls of fat that spill over the waist band of your pants are something that we all wish we could do without.

Don't fear, I'm not about to tell you about the latest new fitness contraption, diet pill or dance class to help you lose those love handles.

What I am going to give you is some honest and straightforward advice on how to lose those love handles.

And guess what? it works.

With a little bit of discipline, I promise that you can lose those love handles.

So, what are love handles made of?

Love handles are basically a deposit of fat that lies beneath your skin.

Fat tends to accumulate in certain parts of the body. Often around the stomach for men and on the thighs for women.

However, both genders tend to gain fat around the hip area. That's why the old 'love handles' are so prolific - it's where most people gain fat first and lose it last.

I didn't ask for love handles, where did they come from?

Any food that goes into your mouth is made up of three basic macro nutrients: protein, carbohydrate (a form of sugar) and fat.

All three of these nutrients contain energy. A gram of protein or carbohydrate contains 17 kilojoules and a gram of fat contains 37 kilojoules.

These are basically the fuel for your body.

If you take in more fuel than your body needs, it will convert it to fat and store it for use later.

And guess where your body stores it? Yep, the love handles.

How to start losing the love handles

Losing your love handles is a very simple case of reducing the amount of fuel that your body takes in (diet) and increasing the amount of fuel it uses (exercise) to the point where you're eating less energy than your body requires.

If you get the balance right, your body will burn up the excess energy that's stored as fat

The diet

Again, losing love handles means taking in less fuel than your body is using, thereby forcing it to use your fat stores for energy.

So how can you reduce the amount of energy you're taking in?

Firstly, try to reduce portion sizes. No need to eat supermodel size portions, but give some thought to slightly reducing the amount you eat over time.

Try to reduce the amount of sugar and fat in your diet. Try eliminating obvious high sugar options like chocolate, soda and processed, fatty fast foods.

Lean meats and vegetables are great choices, but moderation in everything is the key.

Diet is where you'll make the most progress in losing your love handles. Pay close attention to it and aim for a change in lifestyle rather than a drastic change that you can't maintain.


Again, try to include some gentle forms of exercise into your daily routine.

No need to enter the Tour De France, but sitting on the couch watching jerry Springer won't work either. Some easy options include:

- Try walking instead of driving.
- Try parking and the end of the parking lot and walking a bit more.
- Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
- Take your dogs for regular walks.
- Take a walk during your work lunch break.

By all means, do a bit more if your keen, but integrating some small changes into your current lifestyle is a great start.

And finally, be patient

Don't expect drastic results, it could take six or so months to lose your love handles.

Changes to your lifestyle that you can maintain work best.

Good luck!

Do you have a problem with love handles?

Do you have 'love handles that you want to lose?

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