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How To Lose Weight: A Guide To Losing 5 Pounds Without Any Diets or Gimmicks

Updated on April 29, 2012

Have you ever notices that your weight changes between morning and night time. This is due to water weight. In the morning you seem lighter and at night, you somehow gain 5 pounds (exaggerating a little bit). Have you ever seen a boxing movie where the boxer fail the weight-in, goes to the steam room for a couple of hours, and than re-weight. Up to 60 percents of your body is water: that is a lot of weight!

How to lose it?

Before I say anything, I do not recommend that people stop drinking water. You need 2-4 bottles of waters a day to stay healthy. You do not want to lose the water, what you want is to lose the ability to retain water (not completely). To do this is pretty simple, eat less salt! Salt, sodium content, increases your body ability to retain water, which is why you appear heavier as the day goes on.

You are what you eat!

This statement is very true. I am not recommending a diet but rather a general guide to eating that most doctors would tell you.

  1. Try to limit eating fast food to once a week or once a month

  2. Follow the food pyramid: Remember that weird charts that you saw when you were in the 5th grade. Follow it!

  3. Try to cook your own foods.

These tips are just general guidelines that you can follow to help you lose real fat. Water weights are just temporary weights and shedding those pounds can be pretty simple if you just watch your salt intake. If you really want to lose true weight, the only real way is to exercise.

Best Exercise To Lose Weight:

You can actually eat whatever you want and still lose weight. The more you eat, the more exercise you needs. Look at Michael Phelps, he eat 12,000 calories a day. A average person only consume 2000-3000 calories. Yet he is still skinny! It is not because of any magic formula, he just exercises a lot and you can too.

You do not have to win the Olympic, just start running. To me personally, running is the best way to lose fats and it makes you live much longer. It will improve your energy and makes you active. Start small:

  1. Run 5 minute

  2. Then increase as needed

Eventually your weight loss will be much more than 5 pounds. No trick, no diets, just exercise.


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