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How To Lose Weight Fast Diet To Help You Live Healthy and Long

Updated on May 4, 2010

With rapid advancement of medical science, the average life expectancy of the human beings is increasing. Healthy living and maintaining good body fitness is catching up fast.  However, the modern lifestyle of driving to work and sitting at the desk for long hours with lack of exercise is increasing obesity and related problems and this is happening with people of all ages.  Awareness of lifestyle diseases and preventive measures is prompting people to work towards reducing body fat and maintaining ideal body fitness.

When you decide to adopt a healthy lifestyle, the first thing one need to do is to get the medical checkup done as per your doctor’s recommendation. Based on the reports your doctor will be able to draw up suitable diet plan in consultation with the nutrition and diet specialist who will prescribe the required diet based on daily calorie requirement of your body. 

The entire exercise of attaining a near perfect balance involves dieting to reduce fat coupled with exercising to help burn the calories and increase body fitness.  Reducing fat is a two pronged strategy. Dieting plays a vital role and has to be followed under strict supervision of the dietician and your doctor.  The basic rule of a good diet regime is to ensure that you calorie intake is not more than the body’s requirement and you need to burn up the calorie taken in to maintain good health.

There are many options when it comes to how to lose weight fast diet plans.  Quite a few spas and resorts too offer special wellness and fitness plans, which are in house diet programs coupled with outdoor exercises. Basically, these programs begin with detoxification the body and clean all system of all impurities. Coupled with the diet, the programs also include meditation; breathing exercises and yoga asana that aim at helping you attain a peaceful and calm state of mind. 

One of the programs designed to lose weight fast, is the famous GM diet. The diet was developed for the use of GM employees and has been approved for public use by the US FDA.  Strictly following this diet will yield a fat loss of 10-17 lbs in a week.  The diet aims to detoxify the body system thereby affecting your emotional health and positive attitude. All those who take up this seven day diet vouch for the feeling of lightness that they feel coupled with an increase in energy levels. 

Generally, the doctors recommend switching to a vegetarian diet, which automatically reduces the fat in the body. This can be a change in lifestyle to be adopted by everyone.

Living fit is living healthy and this is the secret of long life.


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