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How To Lose Weight From Morning Exercise

Updated on January 2, 2015

There is no getting around it the fact that in order to lose weight and maintain the weight loss, you need exercise. It may seem impossible certain days due to your busy and difficult schedule. Experts have said though that exercise should be included as part of your daily routine in general. And exercise starting from the morning is one of the best habits to get in to.

What's important is that you exercise whenever you have the time to - In morning, afternoon or in the evening, Your main objective is to get your body physically moving as much as possible.

Beginning your morning with some form of physical activity actually sets the pace of the day. Exercise in the morning tends to help you stick with your exercise habit or routine. By getting the most of the first hour of exercise after waking up, you get your exercise over and done with before you get into the meat of your day. Once you get into the swing of your regular day, it can be very hard to get back into the exercise frame of mind.

How morning Exercise works

Exercise is known to improve sleep if done in the morning, this can also encourage weight loss. A study of overweight women aged between 50 to 75 showed that those women who did constant morning exercise slept better than people who did no exercise. People who did their exercise in the evening actually had more trouble falling asleep - even if they put in the four hours a week and were exhausted afterwards.

There is a known connection of sleep and weight loss. Having poor quality of sleep can affect certain hormones that control appetite. If exercise is done in the morning instead of the night it affect the body clock, so you can get better quality sleep. The hormonal balance is improved with good sleep.

Brisk exercise (an hour or more a day) has helped 1,000's of people all over the country. So many people have lost 30 pounds or more and have been able to maintain it for a good length of time.

Your morning exercise should be considered as a business appointment - one that cannot be rescheduled or cancelled.. It does take a lot of discipline, however being overweight, you are at risk of a heart related disease. Ignoring your weight problem is very risky behavior and must be taken as the highest priority.

Exercise as part of your daily routine

One way to make exercise a daily habit is to find a way how to integrate it in your normal everyday life. Physical activity is not just the exercise per se - it can become part of your daily routine. People think all they need to do is put on some trainers, run a few kilometers and call it exercise.

Every time you go to the convenience stall, the post office or the bank, you should park your car as far away from it as you can. Instead of the elevator, try taking the stairs. These are the kind of habits you should be getting into, and after a while they end up as common practice.

Structured physical activity is also very important. simple walking, lifting weights, doing yoga, biking, jogging, and swimming - could all be done as part of your morning exercise. Here is an estimate of a good calorie-burning potential achieved from just 30 minutes of exercise:

High Intensity
Running or jogging (3-5 mph) = 280-300 calories
Cycling (10-12 mph or more) = 190 - 210 calories
Swimming = 250 - 260 calories
Aerobics = 210 - 300 calories
Basketball = 190 - 250 calories

Moderate Exercise
Simple walking (3 - 4 miles mph) = 130 - 150 calories
Weight training (light weights and high reps) = 100-120 calories
Stretching only = 60-120 calories
Cycling (6-8 mph) = 140 - 150 calories
Dancing = 150-175 calories

Remember the above depends on your body weight.

Yoga in the morning

Doing Yoga in the morning has been know to help that middle age weight gain. Most people will naturally gain weight from their middle ages however a study shows that people who practice yoga for at least once a week tend to gain the least weight, compared to those who don't do yoga.


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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 3 years ago from Japan

      Thanks, the weather here has cooled down a little too. Good for more outdoor exercises.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 3 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Now that the temperatures are moderating a bit my hubby and I need to start our walking routine again. We slacked off during the sizzling summer months. This is good information! Tweeting!