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How To Lose Weight In One Week - Then Every Week After Until You Reach Your Goal

Updated on November 6, 2014

If you are serious about how to lose weight in one week then I will show you how. In fact not just for one week but for every week thereafter until you reach your ideal weight.

Just for now though, maybe you have an important event you have to attend. Do you need to drop a dress/trouser size quickly? Get in shape for the beach? Flatten that bloated stomach? Whatever your reasons are just by applying these tips consistently will get you your desired results. Ready to get started? Excellent, lets go!

How To Lose Weight In One Week Tips

Tip # 1 – Consume 10 calories per pound of body weight. This is a great starting point to work out how many calories you need to consume for fat loss. Eg: If you weight 140 pounds (10 stone) then eat 1,400 calories each day. Divide this up into 6 meals to keep your metabolism in the fat burning zone and you should allow yourself 240 calories per meal.

Or more than that amount for 3 of your main meals (maybe 340 calories) and decrease it for your snacks to balance everything out. As we are all unique and have different body types and body composition this is just a rough guide to get you started. Once you go beyond your 1st week you will have to adjust this figure based on your inch and fat loss results.

Tip # 2 – Eat 3 apples every day. Before each of your main meals have 1 apple. This has a double whammy effect in your favour. Apples are a negative calorie fruit so they take more calories to digest than is actually in the apple itself.

Plus they are a superb source of fiber so they will keep you fuller for longer and stop you reaching for those sugary snacks.

The “3 Apple A Day GI Diet” is a great example of how successful this top tip is. By introducing this method into the “Golds Gym 90 Day Challenge” weight loss competitions the contestants lost more body fat compared to those who had competed in previous years.

Tip # 3 – Meals of lean protein and high fiber foods. By combining these 2 food groups you are creating a fat burning process that also keeps you fuller for longer each meal. Both of these are top of the list for maximum satiety effect and the protein holds onto your muscle tissue for a faster metabolism.

Lean proteins come from egg whites, white meats, fish and Quorn mince. Fiber foods include vegetables and fruits (except avocado). Always aim to spice, season and herb up your dishes for a tasty flavour.

Tip # 4 – Chocolate alternatives – Craving for chocolate? There are always healthier alternatives to your favourite junk foods. I mean healthier in terms of less sugar and less calories. 2 of my favourites are the CNP Pro Dessert mousse/pudding (only 150 calories) and in the UK we have Options and Highlights (only 40 calories) hot chocolate drinks.

Having these 2 together as they are both mixed with water, yet still delicious, only totals nearly 200 calories. So you can still enjoy chocolate and burn fat at the same time, love it! Check out my video below on my review of the CNP product.

How To Lose Weight In One Week Video

Tip # 5 – 30 minutes of exercise every day. This is vitally important in both your short and long term fat loss plan. Exercise burns calories and holds onto your lean muscle tissue. If you do not exercise you will lose lean muscle mass and your metabolism will slow right down = slow or no weight loss = massive frustration!

Alternate interval cardio training either at the gym or outdoors with weight/resistance training. The latter can either be done at the gym or if you are on tight budget or tight for time use some resistance bands, they are a superb alternative.

Tip # 6 – You must keep hydrated. Water is under used and underrated in the weight loss world. Use it as your secret weapon for both inch and fat loss.

To ensure you get in your daily amount every day then without fail drink a glass before AND after every meal and snack. Your cells and organs will work more efficiently = faster fat loss.

How To Lose Weight In One Week Video

Tip # 7 – A protein and water only day. I’ve saved the best tip until last! This one is only for those with strong willpower, yet if you can make it through just one day a week you will get amazing results.

The zero carb and high protein effect burns fat like crazy! Trust me on this. Bodybuilders use this as part of their contest preparation and they get down to 3% body fat because it works. You can if you wish go up to 3 days with protein and water only but if you do you MUST be taking a top of the range multivitamin/antioxidant supplement to ensure you are reaching all your nutritional needs.

As an alternative you can replace the water 2 or 3 times a day with a nice flavoured green tea like lemon or peach. (See the video below for one that I drink) Or even a couple of black coffees will do the trick too.

Your protein should come from whey protein shakes, egg white omelettes, white meat and fish such as tuna or cod etc. Don’t forget to add spices, seasoning and herbs to your food for flavour.

How To Lose Weight In One Week Video

How To Lose Weight In One Week Conclusion

By following these top tips you will lose weight not only in one week but every week until you reach your ideal weight. Take a look at some of my other HubPages for even more tips. I recommend you make notes and write them all down, but more importantly take action on them. Be consistent and your ideal body can be achieved as long as you give it time.

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