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How To Lose Weight Fast In a Healthy Way and Stop Yo Yo Diets

Updated on March 26, 2014

Losing weight and gaining it back is the story of so many lives. The need to be thinner has consumed us so deeply that many have put their health at risk or have been doomed to regain it back in no time at all.

We are tormented everyday with diet potions and pills; then hypnotized with juicy burgers and salty/sweet goodies. Is it our fault the baby boomers are the most over weight generation?

Taking the weight off is suppose to be about getting more healthy and living longer. But the sad truth is that those things are a distant second to looking hotter than your friends and having better confidence.

It is very important to find a healthy diet for losing weight that feels natural and not confining. Feeling punished while trying to reach your goals can be weakening to your spirit although any sacrifice you have to make to be healthy is well worth it.

I want to urge you to stop abusing your bodies with these fad diets and learn how to lose weight the healthy way regain your sexy body, longevity and good health. I have done the master cleanse and have gone vegetarian, just to regain the extra weight.

The Master cleanse has allow me to lose 3 dress sizes in a matter of weeks as well cleaning my colon. Here is my video of the result after losing 10 to 15 pounds. I did regain some weight but I did this cleanse to clean my body mostly. I expected some of the weight to return because of the fluids I was losing during this fast.

I know how difficult it is to work hard to lose weight and how disappointed you can be when you gain it back. Yo Yo diets and other fad diets are not the answer. We have to learn how to eat to burn and live long.

How Fat Hurts The Body

Consuming fats that store in the body can put you at risk for many diseases. A person that is active will use this fat as energy. A person that is not active will store fat which will adversely affect the body by raising the cholesterol levels and causing arteriosclerosis.

The free radicals that attack our membranes to our cells will later cause destruction on our bodies that will result in autoimmune diseases where our own body begins to attack us.

  • Arthritis that will lead to unbearable stiffness because of the damage to our spinal chord which will lead limited body functions
  • Chronic Poly arthritis when our body considers it's own synovial fluids (joints)as a foreign substance leading to great pain
  • Many other disorders such as nerve disease, colitis ulcerous, diabetes and more.
  • Unattractive and unsightly body fat.
  • Lack of confidence.

Yo Yo Diets


  • Quick weight loss
  • Rebuilds confidence


  • Not healthy
  • Doesn't last

Healthy Diets

Eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements that protect the body from free radicals.


  • Healthy body.
  • Builds confidence


  • Hard to stay on diet.
  • Expensive

Why These Weight Loss Diets Fail

  1. Starving our bodies from the caloric intake and nutritional foods it needs will only cause your body to go into a protective mode and store fat.
  2. Your thyroid gland will become inactive slowing down our metabolism thus causing more weight gain.
  3. Your body has to be retrained to burn fat naturally.
  4. You will become miserable if not satisfied and quit your diet.

Healthy Way To Lose Weight Safely

If you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to learn how food affects your body. You don't want to destroy your muscle tissue and dehydrate your body in the process.

  • Eat foods containing powerful antioxidants that burn fat and protect you from disease causing molecules (free radicals).
  • Eat foods that train your body to burn fat not muscle.
  • Eat satisfying healthy meals to stop the tendency to eat the wrong foods without difficulty.
  • Do the soy protein fast for two week to prepare your body to burn fat naturally. (The Turbo Protein Diet by Dieter Markert)

Learning how to lose weight in a healthy way is vital to maintain a since of wellness, mobility, and a pain free life. Changing the way we eat will not only add years on your life but change the way your children eat forever.


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